Monday, October 12, 2015

Sources: Steve Spurrier Retiring Immediately At South Carolina

According to multiple reports, including ESPN, Steve Spurrier has made a decision to retire effective immediately at South Carolina. This comes on the heels of a loss to LSU by a score of 45-24. South Carolina fell to 2-4, and the Gamecocks are 0-4 in SEC play, the first time in his SEC coaching career that Spurrier has coached a team to an 0-4 start in conference play between stints with the Gamecocks and at Florida. Spurrier also coached in the USFL with the Tampa Bay Bandits, at Duke, at Florida, in the NFL with the Washington Redskins, and he finishes at South Carolina.
South Carolina has been outscored 174-124 this season, with the Gamecocks suffering more injuries that have been debilitating to the team's success.
Spurrier is retiring at 70, and although his decision is hardly surprising, the timing of it is. It was largely expected that at this stage of his life, losing simply wasn't palatable, and he has never had the kind of Paterno/Bowden ego that would make him stick around forever. He was largely expected by some circles to walk away at the end of the current season, but quitting mid season seems questionable.
Reports are divided as to whom the interim head coach will be, as some have stated that GA Mangus would hold the job, while others report that it will be Shawn Elliot. We will update when there is more news on that front. It is highly likely that nobody from the current staff will remain when the current season ends.
More news as it becomes available.

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