Saturday, October 10, 2015

Sources: Myles Jack's Decision Far From His Own

Myles Jack made a life decision this week not to rehab a knee injury to return this season, and instead opted to withdraw from classes at UCLA this week, and flew home without ever speaking with coaches on the staff, Jim Mora, or any of his teammates. Mora was informed by the admissions office via text message when Jack withdrew from school, and upon calling Jack, discovered that he was home in Belleview, Washington with his family. At that point, Myles Jack informed Mora that he would not be returning to school, and had opted to enter the 2016 draft.
Sources have informed me over the last several days that Mora is livid about the situation, and did not support the decision to go pro at this point, nor did he approve of the way it was handled.
It was largely believed by many that Jack was going to forego his senior season, but after his knee injury it was a 50/50 chance that Jack would come back to give another season of film to the NFL scouts. That, apparently, will no longer happen, and Mora fears that the lack of a third season of film may very well hurt Jack's stock.
Most of this we already know. What we did not know is that Jack had a falling out with Mora during fall camp, before the season started, because Jack showed interest in skipping the season altogether, even though healthy, to preserve his body for the 2016 draft. The falling out between Mora and Jack occurred when Mora got all over Jack about this being an irresponsible decision.Jack, who Mora has known since he was 12 years old, felt that Mora was no longer on team Myles at this point, a sentiment that Jack's apparently overbearing Mother agreed with.
My sources have informed me that the decision to skip the rest of the season was largely driven by Momma Jack's desire for her son to receive an NFL paycheck, and she no longer believed her son had anything to prove in the college game, a sentiment that may cost her son on draft day.
Jack never considered any input from Mora or any member of the UCLA coaching staff, and although he could have rehabbed his injury and returned before the end of the season, was called home by Momma Jack to sit it out rather than pay mind to his UCLA obligation and scholarship, unlike what Eddie VanderDoes and Fabian Moreau both did once their season's legitimately ended. VanderDoes is breaking down film for the coaching staff, and both players have been right with the program and their teammates during their rehab processes.
What's worse is that there was a running joke around campus up until Jack left last week when it came to Jack attending classes. Word on and around campus is that Jack was never seen in classes that he was enrolled in, and that he was strictly playing football and not attending class as required.
Between Jack's ill advised and poorly executed decision, arrests of Ismael Adams and now their Punter (Adams for assault, the Punter for rape allegations), and now word of Jack not attending classes, it looks like UCLA is getting into a place that I am sure that Mora would not like to go with this program.
Remember, Jack's lack of class attendance reports are coming from students on campus, and this publication has been unable to verify reports at this time, so as far as the class attendance issue, this is reporting allegations being made, not an indictment of actual guilt. Stay tuned on that matter.

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