Thursday, October 15, 2015

Coaches Swimming in the Dead Pool 10/15/15

Mike London, Virginia
London is just 1-4 this season, and the limit for losses was four. He’s reached that number already, obviously, and a loss to Syracuse this weekend would push that total to five, and it wouldn’t shock me at all to see an in season firing.

Curtis Johnson, Tulane
The Green Wave will play Houston this week at home, and a loss would push the record to 2-4 for the season, with no wins against teams with winning records. This is the corner turning season, and no corner has been turned.

George O’Leary, UCF
O’Leary was already told he had no chance to become the full time AD by the administration, so he stepped down from his interim position this week. There has been talk about retirement, but with a new boss coming to town, and as bad as this team has become in such short notice, the reality is that O’leary is in a retire or get fired situation.

Paul Rhoades, Iowa State
He got a brief reprieve last week after beating hapless Kansas, but this week the Cyclones gave up 66 points to Texas Tech in a 35 point loss. It’s over for Rhoades, and everyone knows it.

Kyle Flood, Rutgers
Flood is back to work this week after his 3 game suspension, and he immediately set out by defending himself and his program, all while independent investigators are poking around campus looking into his program that he is defending. I am guessing they will find plenty, but either way, he is done.

Paul Haynes, Kent State
The Flashes have been moderately better this season, and he may be able to parlay that into another season, but why waste time when you know he cannot get it done.

Norm Chow, Hawaii
The Rainbows are now just 2-4, and have been awful in three of their losses. In four losses, Hawaii has scored just 14 points. A loss on the road to New Mexico this week should seal the deal.

Derek Mason, Vanderbilt
Mason will have his best shot at a conference win this week if the Commodores can take advantage of a South Carolina in disarray, but even that isn’t a lock. Most folks in the SEC largely view this hire as a mistake, so the clock is ever ticking.

Trent Miles, Georgia State
The losing continues for this hapless train wreck of a program, and the Panthers should never have risen to the FBS ranks. They provide nothing to the level of football that they should be playing at, and Miles has done nothing to change that.

Doug Martin, New Mexico State
We can say the exact thing we said about Georgia State when speaking of Martin, who has just perpetuated the losing at NMSU. The Aggies are flatly awful, and not getting any better. A change may not matter without more administration support, but it sure cannot get any worse than this.

Todd Berry, UL Monroe
I think the time has come to admit that Berry is never going to get over the hump at ULM, and as a matter of fact, things are only getting worse. Berry has never been a winner at any stop, and this program is in full regression as we speak. ULM is sitting at 1-4, and the schedule looks like 3 wins may be the cap this season.

Already Drowned
Randy Edsell, Maryland
Tim Beck, Illinois
Steve Sarkisian, USC
Steve Spurrier, South Carolina
Dan McCarney, North Texas
Harold Jackson, Jackson State

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