Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Week 2 PASS/FAIL Report: ACC



PASS: Miami, Virginia, Florida State, Clemson, Georgia Tech, Syracuse, Boston College, Virginia Tech, Duke, NC State, North Carolina

First, let’s get the teams out of the way who took the cheap and lazy way out in achieving passing grades this week by beating on weak sisters from the poor schools. That would be BC, Virginia Tech, Duke, NC State, and North Carolina. They all did what they were supposed to do, so there’s nothing to really prattle on about.

Syracuse gets a PASS this week, as you have to win the winnable games on your slate when you are a building football program. Syracuse is that, and they have recorded solid wins against Rhode Island and Wake Forest, with the latter making them 1-0 in ACC play early.

Miami was involved in a potential trap game with FAU this week, and although the Owls played the Canes solidly in the first half, Miami busted loose in the second. The Hurricanes created five turnovers in this game, which is a good sign for their defense moving forward.

Virginia gets a pass in a loss to Notre Dame, because they had the Irish against the ropes up until a busted coverage situation led to a deep desperation TD for the Irish late. Without that play, Virginia largely played a solid week of football.

Florida State largely gets a pass for power running the football in bad weather in a 34-14 win over USF, which could have been a trap game. FSU is still in their version of rebuilding, and for the second consecutive week played down to their competition in the first half before pulling away late. We still have not seen a complete game from this team yet.

Clemson cruised again this week, but it’s hard to bust their chops for playing Appalachian State, who is an FBS member now. Clemson handled the situation perfectly in a 41-10 win in what could have been a trap.

Georgia Tech is up and running in the option like champs again, and don’t be surprised in a down ACC if Tech ends up winning the conference title this season. The schedule has been week, but Tech scored over 60 again, the first time they’ve done that in back to back weeks since 1921.


FAIL: Pittsburgh, Wake Forest, Louisville

Sure, Pitt won this week (24-7 over Akron), but was it ever ugly. The Panthers looked rather pedestrian in their rushing attack minus Connor, and the Panthers could be in serious danger once the meatier part of their schedule gets going.

Wake Forest had no run game to speak of, and left everything on the shoulders of their QB again this week. It didn’t work as turnovers piled up, and Wake lost their ACC opener to Syracuse. The Deacons look like a lower tier club once again under Dave Clawson.

Louisville is 0-2 for the first time in 17 years after blowing the game late against Houston in a 34-31 loss. There is still time to get it together, but the Cardinals look absolutely lost right now, especially early in ball games.


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