Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Seven Points Volume One

A couple of season ago, I created a piece for this blog called Seven Points. Tonight, I am bringing back the piece, and will do so three times weekly. Here's my first volume of "Seven Points" for the 2015 season!

Point One: Rutgers Flood of Incompetence
Rutgers football has had some really bad years in their history. Growing up in the 70s and 80s, all one had to do was count on Rutgers to be pretty much awful, and your expectations would be met. Those days were heaven compared to the dumpster fire that Rutgers is today. Kyle flood was suspended for three games and fined $50,000 for his role in contacting a professor about grades for a player when he was specifically told not to. Flood could have been terminated, but by his contract, he was suspended as per the language.
It doesn't really make any sense to terminate Flood right now, but there is virtually no chance he comes back to coach Rutgers in 2016. The door is wide open for the return of Greg Schiano next fall.

Point Two: M*A*S*H Unit at Notre Dame
The Fighting Irish are the limping Irish heading into a crucial contest with Georgia Tech at home this week. Notre Dame will be heading into this game with DeShawn Kizer at QB, who was a 3rd stringer back in spring ball  before Everett Goulston bailed for Florida State. Kizer was brilliant in the final drive against Virginia, but can he keep up that momentum this week? That's a huge question, and with several starters down for the count, the luck of the Irish may be coming to an end.

Point Three: Tennessee Is Not Back
The Volunteers struggled against Bowling Green for a little more than a half when they pulled away late to beat the Falcons, and they blew an unbeatable lead against Oklahoma, when the Sooners outscored the Vols 28-7 in the 4th and in OT. Sure, Tennessee can still become stronger, but right now, their defense looks flawed, and all of that talk of UT screaming into the SEC elite this fall seems shortsighted.

Point Four: Auburn Is a Mess
Through 2 weeks, the Tigers look nothing like the team that everyone was hyping in fall camp, and even worse, Jeremy Johnson looks like one of the least effective QBs in the SEC after getting everyone's vote for the Heisman before he even took a snap this fall. Auburn's offense is ineffective, as they cannot run with regularity, and Johnson tosses more picks than TDs. With LSU on the slate this week, Auburn could be in real trouble.

Point Five: Vernon Adams Is Seriously Injured
Adams allegedly played against Michigan State with a broken finger on his throwing hand. The Ducks lost that game when he missed a wide open receiver in a throw that could have won the game. Now the news has worsened, as that finger may be busted in two places. Making matters yet worse still, word on the streets is that the coaching staff doesn't have full trust in Jeff Lockie. Someone had better figure it our soon, but this week could give me a gimme, as Georgia State comes to town.

Point Six: Longhorn Nation Has Some Work To Do
The mistake that was the Steve Patterson hiring has been rectified, as Patterson resigned (got fired) this week as AD. The entire athletic department is a disaster right now, and former Longhorn player Mike Perrin is coming on as interim AD. Obviously, Texas will hire someone permanently as soon as possible, and Bob Bowlsby and Oliver Luck are the early big names out there. Both were involved last time around, so it's interesting to see if they are still even interested, because apparently, Mack Brown isn't. Whatever happens, Charlie Strong has no other option but to fix his football team...and do it fast.

Point Seven: Every Time I Put Frank Beamer on the Hot Seat, National Media Follows Suit
Last night, I posted my first "Coaches on the Hot Seat" of the season, I named Frank Beamer to the list, and low and behold, Ralph Russo of the AP writes a big piece about Beamers eventual exit today. Last time I launched a piece about Beamer, Bleacher Report directly sourced me. It would seem that I am not the only writer to think that the end of the Beamer era is coming, but nobody should be sad when the day comes. Beamer has done so much for the Hokies over a luminous career, but all good things and so forth. I just feel that it is funny that every time I mention it, it somehow ends up being a national story that others take credit for...

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