Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Seven Points Volume 3: 9/22/15

Welcome once again to volume three of our Seven Points piece. This is where we look at seven different issues around college football and break them down quickly for your busy schedules. Here are our Seven Points for a Tuesday night!

Point One: UCLA is really activating Ismael Adams
I honestly thought that Adams was done after his arrest for beating up an uber driver on campus a few weeks back. Adams went to court this week, and whatever happened there led to Jim Mora reinstating him, which really surprises me. The move comes at a good time, as Fabian Moreau is injured at CB heading into Arizona this week in a game that many feel is the best offering this week.

Point 2: This bickering between Kingsbury and Bielema is pointless
Watching Kliff Kingsbury and Bret Bielema sling mud at each other is like watching two 4th graders try to duke it out on the playground...pointless. Arkansas is a mess, and Bielema has a loud mouth. Tech is better than we thought for now, and Kingsbury has a certain ego. We get it, you don't like each other. Who cares.

Point 3: Life in the D2 top 25 is scary
If you are a D2 football team and you have spent any time in the top 25 this season, your life hasn't been easy. Last week several teams in the top 25 of D2 got beat, as happened in week 2 as well. It's going to be a crazy ride to get to the playoffs, and if you can get some of these games on your cable or satellite, check them out.

Point 4: The Chip Kelly clock is ticking
I had this conversation with friend and chief stat man Keith Harding this week about whether or not Chip Kelly is headed back to college or not in the near future. Today, Pat Forde wrote a piece about it for Yahoo sports. My guess is that Kelly may not last this season, but whether he will be back in college ball in 2016 or 2017 is really a bigger question. Texas or USC could make a huge push.

Point 5: Bo Pelini really needs to publicly ask if Husker fan misses him yet
Nebraska is a mess early on. The defense is in shambles, and Tommy Armstrong has been all over the place. I don't think for a minute the Pelini loses to BYU or Miami if he's there and Mike Riley isn't. Long term ,this hire will be a mess for the Huskers.

Point 6: Matt Johnson of Bowling Green and Patrick Mahomes get no love from media
Johnson is tossing the rock at a pace of over 400 yards a game for Bowling Green, while Mahomes is right with him at Texas Tech, yet nobody in the MSM wants to talk about either of them. Fret not Falcon and Red Raider fans, I have the cure, as I release my first All-Bilo Watch Lists of the year next week. Here's a spoiler...they are one and two on the QB list for FBS.

Point 7: ACC teams are beefing up on FCS cupcakes
We all love to beat up on SEC schools for their less than challenging scheduling (before getting all gushy about Ole Miss, 2 of those wins were against UT-Martin and Fresno State), but wow, the ACC takes piss poor scheduling to a new level. Every team in the conference has an FCS non con game slated, and NC State and North Carolina (add Boston College) have scheduled 2 each. IN the day and age that SOS means something (see Baylor and TCU missing out on the playoff last season), one has to wonder if the ACC is simply trying really hard to get left out of the action. It's a total embarrassment.

Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics
An answer to our Sunday night trivia question...
True...UCLA and USC have never played an FCS (1-AA) opponent since the divisional split in 1978, and are also the only two schools in the west that can claim such a thing.
More trivia Friday on the next Seven Points!

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