Sunday, September 20, 2015

Seven Points: 9/20/15

With week three completely in the books, it's time to check out our Seven Points as to what we learned this weekend, who came out on top, and who bottomed out. It's the postgame version of Seven Points...

Point One: Arkansas and Auburn are DONE
Remember less than a full month ago when everyone (OK, including me) was talking about how good Auburn and Arkansas could be this season? Now talk has turned to how horrifically bad they can both be after miserable starts that saw Auburn nearly fall to Jacksonville State before getting blown out by LSU, and Arkansas has lost back to back games against Toledo and Texas Tech. One thing is for sure, and that's both teams were highly overrated, and Jeremy Johnson of Auburn has gone from Heisman favorite darling to maybe not even being the starter any longer at Auburn.

Point Two: Josh Rosen is not the chosen one...yet
After shredding Virginia in his first game, Rosen has been highly mortal in wins over UNLV and BYU, and the wheels really came off the wagon in the first half against BYU when he tossed three picks. He's a freshman, and a true one at that. Let's just ease up on expectations and let the kid develop naturally, because he is going to be very good down the line.

Point Three: Leonard Fournette is the very real deal
I have not seen a RB make defenses look so absolutely stupid since Bo Jackson in the 80s. Fournette made Auburn look ridiculous time after time in a 45-21 LSU win, and those misses were dramatic to say the least. He bulls through and over people, and is just a machine on legs.

Point Four: Ohio State is starting to show some wear
This was unexpected, but the QB experiment that is going on is starting to wear thin, and the Buckeyes are starting to look more confused by it rather than emboldened by it. The Buckeyes were 35 point favorites against Northern Illinois, and were taken to the wire before being able to put a cap on their third win. Maybe their just bored, but something isn't right.

Point Five: The Mountain West is an absolute mess
The conference is now just 3-21 in the last two weeks, and that is one of the worst runs by any conference in years. The only teams that have secured wins for the MWC are Boise State, Hawaii, and Air Force, with the Falcons beating San Jose State in league play. It can't get much worse at this point, especially with Wyoming ranking dead last in our PRS Rankings.

Point Six: Baker Mayfield has saved Oklahoma
Mayfield rolled up a record 572 yards for the Sooners and the Sooners seem to be rolling now. Mayfield is like the anti-Trevor Knight. He moves the football consistently, and seems to not have his head buried up his...well you know. Mayfield is the guy the Sooners have been waiting for, and Oklahoma could sneak into playoff conversations.

Point Seven: FCS is still way up for grabs
There are so many combinations of what could happen come playoff time in FCS football, that the pond is as murky as ever when it comes to figuring out who could win it all. North Dakota State, Eastern Washington, Villanova, and all the early favorites have had both issues and great moments, but there are still several fireworks yet to come. The race is still wide open after three weeks.

Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics
True or false...
UCLA and USC are the only two schools in the PAC-12, or in the West, that have never scheduled an FCS opponent since the divisional split in 1978.

Tweet me with your answer at @BiloFootball...the answer will be posted in Tuesday's next Seven Points!

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