Sunday, September 20, 2015

College Football PASS/FAIL Report: SEC Week 3


PASS: Texas A&M, LSU, Mississippi State, Georgia, Florida

Kyle Allen tossed 4 TD passes in the win over Nevada for Texas A&M, but the Aggies haven’t played any seriously tough competition since Arizona State in the opener. The schedule will get tougher soon, and we will see who the real Aggies are.

LSU absolutely had their way with the Auburn defense, and Leonard Fournette had a career game in a 45-21 win. LSU is now the dark horse to Alabama in the SEC West.

Mississippi State was under control in taking the FCS cupcake road to victory in the 62-13 blasting of Northwestern State.

Vanderbilt was in jeopardy early against Austin Peay, but pulled away after the half to cruise to a 47-7 win.

Georgia got an up performance from up and down Greyson Lambert, and Nick Chubb did his usual thing in a 52-20 blasting of South Carolina. The Bulldogs are by far the best team in the SEC East, and look like they could cruise to the SEC title game this season at this point.

Ole Miss won a huge game on the road at Alabama, 43-37, and won it on a ball that was tipped more times than a volleyball in a rally. Chad Kelly had another big game, but often got a little lucky. Ole Miss is in position to win the SEC West early, but still has a tough slate ahead.

It was ugly, but Florida remained unbeaten in a war at Kentucky that the Gators won 14-9. I still don’t see the Gators as being back yet, but they sure aren’t as bad as they were under Muschamp. McElwain has done a fine job so far in his first season.

FAIL: Missouri, Auburn, South Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama, Arkansas, Kentucky

Missouri is one inept football team that keeps on winning by the graces of playing teams who have coaches continuously make calls that are worse than staff does. The offense is a disaster, and the only save today was a stupidly called fake FG attempt by U Conn.

Auburn is absolutely done. Jeremy Johnson is done. The Tigers will likely fall out of the top 25 after a humiliating loss to LSU.

South Carolina is a program that is falling like a rock, and likely will fulfill my expectations of missing a bowl game this season. The Gamecocks were blasted by Georgia, and they allowed average QB Greyson Lambert to break an NCAA completion percentage record by allowing him to complete 25/26 passes. This program’s window has closed.

Tennessee was never a team in doubt after cruising against FCS cupcake Western Carolina 55-10. I guess that’s one way to get over blowing chunks last week in a loss to Oklahoma.

Alabama has seen their title chances slide in a loss at home to Ole Miss, the first time Bama has been beaten by the Rebels in Tuscaloosa since 1988. Alabama’s defense was victimized all day, but the one score that ended up deciding the game was a twice deflected tipped ball that was thrown up in desperation. When it’s not your day, it’s just not your day.

Any hope of Arkansas being a player on the national scene is dead after a terrible loss to Texas Tech on the heels of losing to Toledo last week. I don’t have a clue as to what’s gone so wrong at Arkansas, but Bielema has to be feeling some heat at this point, because a 1-2 start wasn’t supposed to be in the cards.

Kentucky had one of their best shots in years to become a power player in the SEC East, and the lack of offense floundered it away in a 14-9 loss to Florida. It looks like UK may have hit a rock wall, and now they need to bounce back like no other moving forward. This was not a good loss for UK.

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