Saturday, August 29, 2015

NDSU Picks Up Tempo, Scores on 7 Yard Run, Leads Montana 35-28 in 4th

NDSU takes over on their own 21, and it's first and ten. Dunn runs up the middle for a gain of 4. It's I on 2nd down, with Wentz rolling right and throwing for a short gain to the 25. It's now 3rd and 3, from the 27 actually. I formation, and it's play action again, and the pass is complete for a 1st down to Vraa. It was an ugly throw, but it was good for a 1st. Ball on the 36 now, and it's shotgun again. Wentz gets it to Vraa once again to the 46 for a 1st down again.
NDSU picking up a tempo now, and it's off set I on 1st down. Frazier gets the dump pass up the middle, and he breaks loose all the way to the 9 of Montana. 1st and goal now, and it's I again. Wentz checks off, and flags fly. It's a delay of game against NDSU. Wentz is hurt, and his ankle was taped. He may not be able to run anymore. I formation, Dunn runs right, slips a guy, and gets to the 7. 3rd and goal now, and NDSU is subbing again.
It's actually 2nd and goal, and King Frazier, a workhorse today, rumbles 7 yards through tacklers for a TD. The Bison have taken the lead, with the PAT pending. There is a Montana injury on the field, and so play is held up. The smoke from the Washington wildfires is very thick, so the delay is likely welcome. Jamaal Wilson walks off the field on his own. The PAT is ugly, but good. NDSU leads 35-28 with 10:37 left.

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