Saturday, August 29, 2015

NDSU Goes 3 and Out, Gives Montana One Last Shot

NDSU takes over now with just 2:40 left, and it's another huge return by Perkins. NDSU looking to kill this clock. Perkins nearly fumbled that return as well.
1st and 10 Bison now, and here we go...I formation...Power left by Frazier for a gain of about 3. 2nd and 7 now, I formation, and Wentz goes play action right, and he has to toss it away. 3rd and 7 now, and the clock is stopped at 1:53. Shotgun, back left, Wentz tosses wide right, incomplete. He has been completely mitigated in the second half. NDSU must punt, clock is stopped at 1:48. LeCompte booms the punt, and it heads into the end zone for a touchback, and UM takes over with 1:39 at their own 25.

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