Saturday, August 29, 2015

NDSU Drives, But Turns Over on Downs

Perkins returned the football out to the 31 yard line to start the next Bison drive. The Bison start off in the I, Wentz goes roll out right, hits Shepherd for a first down.
I again on the following play, and Morlock pounds it up the middle for a gain of 4. On 2nd and 6, The Bison go back to the I, and it's a swing pass out to Perkins for another 1st down.
Wentz is now 8/10 passing for 85 yards.
The go to Morlock as a FB out of the I, and he carries on the FB dive on an option play. He's averaging 5.2 per carry now.
On 2nd and 7, Wentz goes empty, and the streak pass right is broken up, and it's a good thing, as the receiver was open. JR Nelson came up with a big play there for Montana. On 3rd and 7, It's shotgun back right. Wentz fires again on streak right, and it's wide and out of bounds for an incompletion. NDSU goes for it, but then calls a timeout to discuss. Shotgun back right on 4th down. Wentz throws and it's broken up, and the Grizzlies take over on downs.

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