Saturday, August 29, 2015

NDSU COmes Back, Drives Down Field For Wentz's 4th TD of Day

NDSU came up with nothing on 1st down, however, Montana rushes only four on 2nd down, and they flush Carson Wentz out of the pocket once again, and he makes the Grizzlies pay with a keeper that picks up the 1st down to the Grizzly 22. On 1st down, Wentz takes off again, picks up 6 and heads out of bounds. On 2nd and 4, The Bison line up in shotgun. Wentz passes over the top, but nobody is open, and the ball sails away out of the back of the end zone. Now it's 3rd and 4, and NDSU lines up in the same set. Now Morlock moves left, and Wentz gets close to the first> It's 4th and incredibly short. There are 36 seconds left in the half.
NDSU goes for it here. Power formation. Morlock follows block up the middle, and it's a first down. Final timeout called for NDSU with 31 seconds left in the half.
1st down. Wentz fires on 1st down, and it's another TD pass to Zach Vraa, and NDSU goes back up 28-21! It's the second TD pass of the game for Wentz, and his 4th TD overall.

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