Saturday, August 29, 2015

Montana Scores On Joey Counts One Yard Run With 0:02 Left, Grizzlies Beat NDSU 38-35!

Gustafson passes on 1st and ten to Nguyen again. Gain of 6. Next pass to Carlson is complete for a 1st down. On 1st down, Gustafson fires it behind Jones, and it's 2nd and 10. UM sets up with a Gustafson keeper, and he slides for a gain of 3. Jamaal Jones is down injured, and play stops with 0:59 left.
Jones walks off now, and it's 3rd and 6. Shotgun back left now. Gustafson sails it again, and now it's PI against Champion...again. Just hands UM a 1st down on what would have been 4th. Now on 1st down, Gustafson sails it downfield to Henderson, but the ball sails wide, and Gustafson gets hammered.
2nd and 10 now, and Gustafson throws behind Jones and high, incomplete. 3rd and 10 now, Gustafson hits Jones now for a 1st down to the NDSU 44. 0:35 left, and Gustafson spikes it. 2nd and 10 now, Shotgun back left, and the pass is tipped by Nguyen, and it's almost picked. 3rd and 10 now, and it's shotgun, Gustafson gets hit, the ball is tipped, and Nick DeLuca has been all over the field for NDSU. 4th and 10 now for the Grizzlies, and it's a huge pass to Reese Carlson, and it's down to the 15 with 0:21 left!
1st and 10, and it's a huge completion to Henderson at the 1! Spike. Clock stopped with 0:15 left! Timeout called to talk it over. NDSU needs a huge stop here. Here we action was thrown high and away. Now 3rd and goal, and they go over the top, and it looks short! 0:03 left! Timeout UM! Ball should be at the 1! Clock reset to 0:06! Power formation...Timeout called by NDSU now! No more timeouts left!
Final play coming, this is an amazing finish...Power formation...and the Grizzlies power it in!!! 0:02 left!!! Montana with the likely upset of #1 NDSU!!! PAT is good!!! Montana 38-35!!!

The ensuing kickoff is coming up...looks like UM will kick it deep! They squib it, but the kick cannot be returned, and the Grizzlies win in Bob Stitt's first game! Montana has pulled the upset!

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