Saturday, August 29, 2015

Montana Now Down 8, Drives Down on 38 Yarder to Ben Roberts, Ties it at 21

The ensuing kickoff leads to a touchback for the Grizzlies after Carson Wentz put NDSU up 21-13 on his 2nd TD run. Their 1st down play goes nowhere, and the 2nd down play is disrupted on the sweep left, however it turns into a decent run. On 3rd and one, Montana runs up the middle for a first down.
On 1st down, Gustafson sails his throw wide, and Jamaal Jones catches it out of bounds. However, Montana asks for a replay, as Jones looked as if his toe came down in bounds. Montana wins the challenge, making it a great grab by Jones.
On 1st down, Gustafson throws a bit of a duck in the air, but Ben Roberts comes down with the ball after muscling the ball away from the coverage on a play action pass. Touchdown Grizzlies! Montana goes for two here to tie it up, and Roberts comes up big again at the back of the end zone from Gustafson, and the game is tied.

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