Saturday, August 29, 2015

Montana Goes Down 14-10, Starts Response Drive, Ends in FG.

On the kickoff, Henderson caught the ball in the back of the end zone for a touchback. They start on their own 20 yard line. Gustafson fired to a wide open Jamaal Jones on a cross route for a first down to the 42. On 1st down, Gustafson sailed a pass to nowhere, incomplete. John Nguyen ran it on 2nd down, for not much. On 3rd and 6 Henderson catches a beautiful throw for a 1st down in traffic.
Draw play on 1st down, and it goes nowhere. Montana 2nd and long from the Bison 39. Gustafson keeps on 2nd and long, gets about three yards. 3rd and six, and the pass was deflected, incomplete. There was an injury on the NDSU defense as Jalen Allison is shaken up. Allison walks off on his down. 4th and 6, Montana goes for it, and Gustafson hits Jamaal Jones on a skinny post getting the Grizzlies to the 8.
On 1st down, Nguyen runs up the middle for nothing. On 2nd and goal, Gustafson sails it a little high, and the pass falls incomplete. On 3rd down, Gustafson hits Henderson on the bubble once again, but NDSU swarms to him, and it's another FG attempt. The short FG is good, and NDSU Keeps their lead, 14-13.

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