Saturday, August 29, 2015

Montana Fumbles Away, and NDSU Takes Over

Montana gets the touchback on the ensuing kickoff, and will take over on their own 25. On 1st down, it's a run up the middle, for a gain of only about 2. 2nd and 8, and Gustafson gets hammered on the blitz, pass sails high and long, incomplete. 3rd and 8, and Gustafson hits Jones in traffic for a 1st down.
On 1st and 10, Nguyen goes up the middle again, and it's a gain of about 5. Gustafson gets hit on the release on 2nd down, and the ball falls incomplete as it pops out of his hands. NDSU is blitzing heavy now. It's under review, and it looks like a fumble...if it is, NDSU recovered it. Waiting for the result...and it is a fumble, and NDSU recovered. 3rd Montana turnover.

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