Saturday, August 29, 2015

Montana drives, Can't Punch It In, Scores On FG, 35-31 NDSU

Gustafson comes off the NDSU fumble and hits Nguyen on a pass play for a 1st down, and then Nguyen runs the ball on 1st down for 3. It's 2nd and 7, UM to Nguyen up the middle, and it's only a gain of about 2. UM looking at 3rd and 5 at the NDSU 40. Ellis Henderson comes up with another huge catch down to the NDSU 12! Huge grab! 1st and ten now for the Grizzlies...
Here we go on 1st and 10, Nguyen is wide open down to the NDSU 5. 2nd and 3, and it's high and incomplete, but it's PI against the Bison, and now it's a fresh set of downs. 1st and goal now for UM, and now 2nd and goal after Nguyen gets stone walled at the 4. Power now , and it's another big stop. 3rd and goal for UM, and 4 WR set. False start after lots of offensive confusion for the Grizzlies lining up.
Most important 3rd down of the day coming up for the Grizzlies, and Gustafson sails it high and incomplete. Now it's 4th and goal, and Montana will depend on D, and will take the FG here. 28 yarder coming up, and it's good. 35-31 game now, as NDSU holds on.

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