Saturday, August 29, 2015

FCS Kickoff Heads to the Half, With NDSU leading Montana 28-21

The kickoff sails out the back of the end zone, and Montana starts at their own 20 with 26 seconds remaining in the half. Nguyen runs on 1st, picks up 8 on their best run of the day. A timeout is called. Gustafson passed on 2nd, and the receiver tossed a horrible lateral, which was fumbled and NDSU recovers.
NDSU goes shotgun, but Montana calls a timeout. On 1st down, Wentz fires sideline right to Shepherd, who gets out of bounds with a 1st down.
NDSU lines up for a big FG (44). It's shanked wide left, and the half ends with the score NDSU 28, Montana 21.

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