Sunday, August 23, 2015

Borland's "Fall Guy" Claim Verified With Video (Link Included)

It seems that Chris Borland's claims of the rookie orientation group being told to "get yourselves a fall guy" is indeed true and factual, and is no longer an allegation. Yahoo Sports found the video on YouTube, and they have run a full article this afternoon with the video, and the formerly two unnamed sources of the issue are none other than Chris Carter and Warren Sapp, and Carter wears his Hall of Fame jacket during the presentation. The NFL had this video up on one of their sites, and when this story went public, they yanked it down incredibly quickly. Unfortunately for them, YouTube is ever damning. Please follow the link below for the damning evidence, as Carter and Sapp openly give the advise, and apparently find themselves to be rather funny during the episode. My Wife and I watched it together, and both found it sickening. Let me know what you feel after watching the video in the comment section, or tweet it to me @BiloFootball.

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