Saturday, August 29, 2015

1st Quarter Ends, But Bison Are on the March, Grizzlies Lead 10-7

North Dakota State started on their own 31 after a decent kick return. Their first place went to an outside run by Chase Morlock, ended in a short gain. Morlock ran again on 2nd down, again outside left, and that went for nothing. DB Nate Harris was shaken up for Montana on that play. Tyrone Holmes has been effectual for Montana. On 3rd down and 7, Shotgun formation, pass complete to King Frazier for a 1st down. Simple hook pattern.
Shotgun on 1st down for Wentz, and Wentz is changing things up. Goes with a sweep wide left, and the Bison are up to mid field. On 2nd and 5, Wentz went play fake to Lance Dunn on a fly sweep, and keeps himself for a big gain outside and left, but that ends the 1st quarter, with Montana leading 10-7.

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