Saturday, February 7, 2015

Mike Debord Named OC at Tennessee, Al Borges Names OC at San Jose State

In a strange, almost bizarre turn, Tennessee named Michigan Olympic Sports Coordinator Mike DeBord to the job of OC this week.
DeBord last coached football in 2007 as OC, and was virtually run out of the program due to struggles the program had under his tenure on the job. He was kept on due to his relationship with the university in a non-football capacity, and ran the Olympic Sports program while also assisting in athletic department capacities. He was largely thought to be a candidate for the AD job before Jim Hackett came onboard after Dave Brandon was run off by torch and pitchfork.
This move was not exactly met with joy and celebration around the nation, as several (at least eight) other candidates had been attached to job, and all are current coordinators in other programs, including Boise State OC Mike Sanford and UCLA OC Noel Mazzone.
In other news, veteran college OC Al Borges has surfaced once again after wrongly being blamed for Michigan's struggles, and has turned up on Ron Carragher's staff as OC at San Jose State. Borges has served all over the country, and had his greatest success on the west coast when he was Cade McNown's OC and QB coach at UCLA in the late 90's. Borges has seen action at Oregon, Auburn, San Diego State, amongst other stops along the way in a long and successful career.

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