Monday, December 1, 2014

Coaches Swimming in the Dead Pool: Week 15

There may still be a few more coaches who become victims of drowning in the Dead Pool for this season. Look for a major announcement coming tomorrow on the future of Brady Hoke, who will likely be fired tomorrow (Tuesday, 12/2). Here's a list of Dead Poolers still awaiting their fates:

Brady Hoke, Michigan: Will likely be fired before a scheduled 3PM EST team meeting tomorrow (12/2). He meets with the interim AD before this meeting, where it is expected to be announced that Hoke will not be returning.

Paul Haynes, Kent State: Haynes is still holding on for now. There has been no chatter in the wind on the Kent State job, so Haynes is still there for the time being. He may be one of our few Dead Poolers that survives to tread water for another season.

Norm Chow, Hawaii: Cash may be a factor in getting rid of Chow, as in they have none to work with. June Jones is highly thought of to come back and try to turn the tide, but the wall is huge in Honolulu.

In our next post, I will go over the jobs that have opened, and what may be happening with those postings...

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