Sunday, December 7, 2014

As the Carousel Turns: Weekend Edition

Kansas hired assistant David Beaty as their new head coach at the end of the week. This move makes less sense than moving Clint Bowen up from Interim to full time. Beaty has no history of success, and basically other than the fact that he knows Texas, he brings next to nothing to the table other than he came cheap, and he isn't whining about the facilities issue in Lawrence. This was a terrible hire by Kansas out the gate, and it will set the Jayhawks program back even farther, especially when you consider the coaches in the state of Texas who he will recruit against. This was a weak move.

There is now some intrigue when it comes to the UNLV job. June Jones was interviewed by phone, and apparently is backed by another family of Vegas power brokers in the Maloof family, late of Sacramento Kings ownership. The easy money bet still sits with Boshop Gorman High School coach Tony Sanchez, who is backed by the Fertitta family of UFC fame. Neither camp is guaranteeing a big money investment along with their guy getting the job, but that is a foregone conclusion. Jim Fassel also interviewed last week, as has Ed Oregeron and Houston Nutt. This job is getting much more attention than it probably deserves.

Oregon State
There is still dead silence coming out of Corvallis, because nobody likely saw Mike Riley bolting like that. The fan base appears ok to say goodbye to Riley, but the administration has been taken off guard. I will report back on this when I see official names attached to the gig.

The Wolverine administration is a mess, and Mike DeBord and Jim Hackett are on completely different pages when it comes to candidates. This process is all over the place, and nerves are hot while UM sees other power players not being able to get who they want this off-season. The Wolverines feel that they had to cut Hoke, but now are left with unsavory options that may not be much better. More as we hear it.

Colorado State
Once again, this has been a quiet process, as CSU recovers from immediate shock of losing Jim McElwain. OC and Interim Head Coach Dave Baldwin would appear the favorite, especially if CSU beats Utah in the Las Vegas Bowl.

Word came down this morning that Houston players were informed that Tony Levine had been fired. That word was confirmed a short time later, and a formal meeting and announcement will happen tomorrow morning on campus. There has been absolutely no news as to a short list of candidates, but I figured there was some small chance of this happening all season, as Levine stayed on my Hot Seat radar from the early stages of the season. Levine, unfortunately had to live up to Kevin Sumlin's shadow, and he is no Sumlin. Stay tuned.

Virginia Tech
Frank Beamer will be back officially in 2015, but it well could be his last season in Blacksburg. Expect next season to be a Beamer farewell tour through the ACC.


Portland State
The Vikings fired Nigel Burton two weeks ago, and we still have no official candidate list, however, an interesting name became available today when Willie Taggert fired Paul Wulff at South Florida. Wulff, if you remember, had a highly successful run at Eastern Washington before a disastrous run in FBS football at Washington State. Wulff fits the profile of a career FCS guy, who can win big at this level. I would expect PSU to reach out.

Still no word officially, but according to local sources, they are still leaning towards the return of Bobby Hauck, who was just cut at UNLV. Hauck had a highly successful tenure with the Grizzlies, and there is little doubt he could replicate that success, even though Montana State and Eastern Washington have risen as they have, and Idaho State seems on the rise as well.

More tomorrow evening in the Monday edition of "As the Carousel Turns"!

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