Tuesday, December 2, 2014

As the Carousel Turns: Tuesday Edition

Here's an update from the world of the College Football Coaching Carousel for a Tuesday, 12/2/14. More moves happened today, both in FBS and FCS ranks...

It's official, and just as I called it, at approximately 3:30PM EST, Jim Hackett, interim AD at Michigan met with the media to inform us that Hoke was no longer the coach at Michigan. Hackett has also stated that he wants to destroy the term "Michigan Man" for all time, meaning he may very well go outside the Bo community to hire the next Wolverine coach, something I have advocated from day one.
That being said, there is a schism at UM over this matter. Half of the powers that be are all for reaching out to Les Miles, while the other half opposes because they don't believe he'd seriously consider the move from LSU, and the Ann Arbor crew would end up with an ugly and public black eye, because hey, who says no to Michigan, right?
I still say that Miles is the likely number one target, but am personally split on whether or not he would be the right fit right now. If Miles says no, the next target could be Mike Gundy of Oklahoma State, Doc Holliday of Marshall, Dino Babers of Bowling Green, or any number of others at this point.
The moral of the story is that this job search is a bit messy right now, and the early search has no rudder.

Hugh Freeze said no to Florida for...gasp...Ole Miss. What planet are we living on when Ole Miss suddenly became a better job? Freeze got a fat extension from Ole Miss which likely outclassed anything that Jeremy Foley tossed his way.
With Freeze out of the way, Foley and friends jumped on a plane, tried to circuit through Joplin, Missouri, and then continued on to Colorado to meet with Jim McElwain of Colorado State in his own back yard. McElwain has been offered the job at this hour, but has yet to officially sign on the dotted line. It is largely expected that he will do so, but not before twisting some arms into more money for staff or some such thing.

RIP Blazers football. The school dumped their program like some used up old ravioli can to simply make a point of showing how inept the administrators were in running an athletics department. This program was just getting going again under Bill Clark, but nobody cared to help him succeed. There were private money folks that were more than willing to put up the bread to keep the lights on, but the board of regents, fools that they are, refused outside help at every single turn and took the word of some previously unheard of research firm that dropping football, rifle, and bowling was the way to go.
OK, I get rifle and bowling, because who on fucking Earth needs a rifle and bowling team that gets any major athletic department dollars? That's completely inane. But football had a chance with upgraded facilities and a new on campus stadium (all of which had off the books money ready available to pay for from boosters), but every time someone stepped forward with a bag of cash, the regents said no.
What does this mean? The program was set up to fail, and the public in Alabama is more than ready to place blame squarely at the feet of Paul Bryant, Jr., who apparently is still trying to live off of Daddy's reputation. More on this story in a separate piece. And don't worry about Bill Clark, because I am sure that the offers will come in quickly...Tulsa, anyone?

Justin Fuente has had his name attached to almost every job out there, and after a 9-3 season and AAC title (Memphis' first conference title anywhere in 40 years) I can see why. Fuente may not be going anywhere, as it's reported that Memphis is trying hard to lock him down to a nice extension.

Despite a fan vitriol (yes Miami has that), the AD refuses to give in, stating tonight that Al Golden will remain coach for the foreseeable future. I'm sure the fan base, what few of them remain, will enjoy that news like no other.

FCS News

Pat Sullivan has stepped down at Samford but will remain with the university in a golf and coffee...errr...advisory capacity. No word on candidates yet, but I am certain that Bill Clark will be on speed dial if he cannot land a better gig right away. Look for Ed Orgeron to get a look as well if he doesn't land an FBS gig.

As I reported last night, local reports have Bobby Hauck as a leading candidate to grab the open Montana job. Beau Baldwin, coach at Eastern Washington was also mentioned, but why he would leave EWU right now for Montana is beyond me. Look for Hauck to nail this down in the next week or two.

Ray Priore had the interim tag removed after a full season, and is now the official head coach at Penn.

Portland State
Nigel Burton has been let go. Candidates to come.

More tomorrow night in the Wednesday edition of "As the Carousel Turns"!

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