Sunday, November 16, 2014

Conference Race update: Big 12

Still Alive: TCU, Baylor, Kansas State

Despite Baylor's SOS, it was a bit ridiculous last week when TCU was ranked 4th ahead of Baylor, considering that unless Baylor loses one more game, TCU cannot win the Big 12 outright title due to a loss to the Bears this season. That situation still remains the same, and TCU did everything to try to lose to Kansas this weekend. It will be interesting to see if the committee makes some moves here to get Baylor even with TCU in the overall rankings. There is no way that TCU should be in a playoff if Baylor isn't. It's so simple.

Remaining Schedule

TCU: 11/27 @ Texas, 12/6 vs. Iowa State
Projection: TCU wins both, waits it out to see what Baylor does.

Baylor: 11/29 vs. Texas Tech; 12/6 vs. Kansas State
Projection: Bears beat Tech, but fall upset victim to K State, handing Big 12 title to TCU

Kansas State: 11/20 @ West Virginia; 11/29 vs. Kansas; 12/6 @ Baylor
Projection: K State wins out, including season finale upset at Baylor. Hands Conference title to TCU, who already beat K State.

Projected Conference Champion: TCU

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