Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Coaches Swimming in the Dead Pool: 11/5/14

With our Hot Seat updated for the week, it is now time to see who I predict will be fired in the near future, or drown in our Dead Pool if you prefer. There are several candidates for a drowning in the Pool that are cementing their boots as we speak, so let us check it out:

Trent Miles, Georgia State
Miles is now just 1-20 since the start of the 2013 season in Atlanta, and after a horrible 44-0 loss to Appalachian State, I am not sure how he can survive. There are plenty of candidates who might be interested in this job should and when it opens, so there is some hope.

Paul Haynes, Kent State
The Flashes took a bye week, and they certainly needed it. At 1-7, Kent State is already home for the holidays this season, so there is very little left to play for. Maybe Haynes gets one more season, but he shouldn't.

Norm Chow, Hawaii
After a 21 point drubbing by Utah State, Hawaii is no officially out of the bowl picture, not that nobody ever considered them in anyway. With a bowl out of consideration, it would seem to me that it would be a kind measure if the administration started plotting a dignified ending to this absolute train wreck.

Bill Blankenship, Tulsa
Blankenship certainly looked like a beaten man after the loss to Memphis last weekend, and he is just that. It is largely considered a no brainer at this point that Blankenship will not survive a post season evaluation. He could quit and save himself the trouble.

Bobby Hauck, UNLV
UNLV has a new AD, and she didn't hire Hauck. After the bowl bid last season, there were expectations this season, which have not been met, and it could be just another losing season for a coach who hasn't seen a winning season in five years at the school. In my opinion, that's more than enough time.

Doug Martin, New Mexico State
There is going to be a new AD. That new AD is going to be expected to finally find a way to fix Aggie football, per the school president. That's never a good sign for an incumbent coach with a severely losing record.

Clint Bowen, Kansas (Interim)
Bowen's audtion for the job hasn't gone well, and now the administration is already talking defeatism in that there already a story circulating that they are simply trying to ensure that Bowen is retained as an assistant by a new coach. I still say money is on Ed Orgeron.

Tom Mason, SMU (Interim)
Like Bowen at Kansas, Mason's audition has been a disaster. The difference is that the SMU administration won't likely lobby to keep Mason on any new staff. A name that could be considered for this job or that of Kansas, Scott Frost of Oregon.

Larry Blakeney, Troy (Already Retired)
Not much has been said about this job, but then again, with 17 people working on it, they are still trying to agree on what to order for their first lunch meeting. Blakeney has been flat for a few years now, but still leaves a legend. A name for this job based on info received this week could be none other than June Jones, but only if he fails to return to re-fire the Hawaii program.

Brady Hoke, Michigan
Dave Brandon resigned as AD last week. That was an excellent first step, because candidates who are in the mix refused to get too pumped until they found out that Brandon wasn't going to be the boss anymore. Now with him out of the way, Michigan must move fast to find a new, strong AD, so that they can find their replacement for Hoke, who will absolutely be fired after the Ohio State finale. One name for this job...Eagles coach Chip Kelly. He has been rumored to be unhappy in Philly, and would prefer a return to the college ranks. As outlandish as this may seem, it makes more sense than Harbaugh, and Michigan fans and boosters will have to come to the reality that hiring a "Michigan Man" doesn't always make the most sense. I don't for one believe that Kelly is the guy for Michigan, but they'd be crazy not to take a stab if he were available.

Alex Wood, Buffalo (Interim)
Wood is certainly not going to be retained. We can clear that up now. My candidate for this job is current Fordham coach Joe Moorhead. He has built Fordham from a doormat into a national power, and his offense would be a nifty fit in the MAC.

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