Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Coaches on the Hot Seat: Week 13

It's time to update our look at the weekly Hot Seat report. As we get into the final run of the season, this list will likely shrink while the Dead Pool will get deeper. Here is a look at who is teetering on the edge of the Dead Pool while sitting in a very hot lounge chair...

Curtis Johnson, Tulane
The Green Wave has been officially eliminated from bowl consideration. There has been very little chatter about this job, but there is a new stadium in play, and butts need to be in those seats, and 3-7 records won't make that happen. Stay tuned on this one.

Scot Shafer, Syracuse
There hasn't been very much said about the Syracuse situation as of yet, but expect there to be some heat applied for some staff changes in the offseason, especially on the offensive side of the football. I don't see the administration being comfortable with a newbie like Tim Lester coordinating the offense into next season.

Larry Fedora, North Carolina
Pat Forde referred to the UNC situation as a dumpster fire, and I agree. With the academic disaster going on, and an underperforming on field product middling such as it is, other people are taking note of my lack of faith in Fedora.

Frank Beamer, Virginia Tech
Beamer may yet get the Hokies to a bowl, but the best that they can hope for is a 7-5 or 6-6 record. That hasn't been good enough here in 30 years. Beamer's steam is gone, much like Bowden's was at Florida State. It's time to make a move.

Paul Chryst, Wisconsin
Chryst was hired to provide stability in this mess of a program after an army of coaches came and went. All he has provided is that the same guy has held the seat for some time. That is all that has happened, and now Pitt is a loss away from being home for the holidays once again.

Mike London, Virginia
This is a fluid situation. UVA could still finish 6-6 and go bowling. If the Cavaliers lose one more game, they won't go bowling, and London falls into the Dead Pool. It's really that simple now.

Kliff Kingsbury, Texas Tech
Kingsbury is getting closer to the Dead Pool every minute, and there is little media support to keep him now. Once again, this situation is fluid, and if TCU posted 80 on Tech, what do you think Baylor will do?

Pat Fitzgerald, Northwestern
He may have saved his job this season after beating Notre Dame last weekend, but NU is still just 4-6. A two loss skid to finish may not be enough to overcome. If he does stay, the seat will be blazing in 2015.

Kirk Ferentz, Iowa
It's not often I place a 7-3 coach on the seat, but Ferentz makes severe money to have Iowa in the middle of the West standings. He could jump if offered another job, but I think the end is nearing for him in Iowa City, one way or another.

Ron Turner, FIU
Improvements have come this season at FIU, and so Turner should remain safe for another season. If he does stay, 2015 will be all or nothing. That being said, it's very fluid right now.

Bob Stoops, Oklahoma
This isn't my idea at all. I think Stoops is as solid at OU as anyone has ever been. However, there is much disappointment with the way this season went, and folks in Norman are lamenting the Sooners' lack of championship game appearances. I say get real and come down to Earth. Nobody is better for this job than the guy you have.

Bob Davie, New Mexico
I see Davie coming back in 2015, but his chair will be burning. UNM is now out of bowl contention, but there have been a few improvements. The Lobos will be bowl or bust next fall.

Mike Riley, Oregon State
The Beavers were supposed to finish second in the Pac-12 North, not 6th, which is where they are headed. Riley has had some nice moments in Corvallis, but there have been few lately.

Todd Berry, UL-Monroe
Berry may be in trouble after this season, as the War Hawks have sunken farther each week. ULM is in a period of regression, and Berry may no longer be the guy the school believes in.

Doug Martin, New Mexico State
A new AD is coming in, and we all know what that means, especially when football is expected to made a new priority immediately. Everyone likes Martin, but that only carries so far.

Trent Miles, Georgia State
Would be a Dead Pooler this week, but according to inside info given to me this week, his buyout would make this difficult to pull of until next fall. Miles was given a buyout of...wait for it...$1 million! Who in their right mind gave a coach who has never been a sustained winner anywhere that kind of deal at a school like GSU. I'm obviously in the wrong business.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, conference race updates and the Dead Pool will post tomorrow night. Thanks for reading!!!

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