Sunday, October 5, 2014

Coaching Search Updates

With the SMU and Kansas jobs open, I thought the time may be good to take a look at where these jobs stand, as well as what's going on at Michigan.

There hasn't been much movement with this job, but one applicant has already been revealed. Former Texas OC Major Applewhite has applied, but there is no real knowledge or info regarding whether or not SMU has spoken with him. This job is a rebuilding job, so someone has to have a ton of energy and a rock solid plan to come in and make SMU a winner. It may take years. Tom Mason, current interim coach, may not be a candidate, as his audition isn't going well, to say the least.

It would appear to me that this job is Ed Orgeron's to lose. There is mutual interest from both sides, and Orgeron is more than ready to get back in the game after taking this season off. Kansas isn't a terrible job, but like SMU, this is a complete rebuild job, which may be a reason why any other candidates wouldn't want to engage with this gig.

Dave Brandon and Brady Hoke both appear to be out. The fan base does not respect Brandon as an AD, and they whine about the corporate feel that Brandon brought to Michigan stadium after being the former CEO of Domino's Pizza. Hoke's decision making regarding Shane Morris and the overall losing alone seems to have made Hoke's tenure untenable.
It was reported today that Jim Harbaugh is done with the 49ers after the NFL season ends, no matter what happens, and that would make Harbaugh a perfect candidate. However, he may be more interested in the Dolphins job if it opens up. John Harbaugh of the Ravens would not be interested at this time.
LSU is on the slide right now, and Les Miles turned down the job last time around. He may be more open minded this time, and Michigan may need to do whatever they can to get the biggest name with the best resume available, and I expect money to flow freely here.

Nicholls State
NSU lost Charlie Stubbs for health issues two weeks ago, and Steve Axman was brought out of retirement to finish out the season after Ed Orgeron said no. I haven't heard too much in regards to long term plans or candidates, but I have a few in mind that I will report on in a couple of weeks.

Florida A&M
The Rattlers are likely to make a change sooner or later, and has been reporting that the likelihood is sooner rather than later. Earl Holmes has not been told that he has been fired, but that is his story, and he seems to be sticking to it. The Rattlers are now 0-5, which is unacceptable at this program that has such a rich tradition. Look for a change in the coming days.

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