Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Coaches Swimming in the Dead Pool

We now move on to our weekly update of the Dead Pool, and those listed here need to get those boxes out and that resume polished up. The usual suspects are in play, with no new blood added this week, but let's take a look at what has transpired in the least fun pool for swimmers in the known world, the Dead Pool...

Bill Blankenship, Tulsa
The administration will wait until the season ends to officially end it with Blankenship, but the move is a foregone conclusion at this point. Tulsa is just 1-6, and Blankenship will likely be moved out in December.

Tom Mason (Interim), SMU
Nothing has changed. Mason isn't getting the job. AD Rick hart denied Mack Brown rumors on Friday, which means that he has definitely talked with Mack Brown on some level.

Clint Bowen (Interim), Kansas
Nothing has changed at Kansas since Chuckles Weis was sent packing. Kansas is still losing, and despite administration love for Bowen, the fan base doesn't share the sentiments very much.

Brady Hoke, Michigan
The entire country is shamelessly talking about Hoke's firing as if it has already happened. I am guessing he knows he is gone, and is just coasting to the end. Dave Brandon has to go soon as well, because nobody wants this job unless the know who the boss is going to be in 2015. The deed needs to be done, and soon.

Paul Haynes, Kent State
The Golden Flashes are now officially out of the bowl race at 1-7. The firing of Haynes could happen anytime without too much upset. If not this fall, then next, but sooner the better.

Norm Chow, Hawaii
Chow is now just one loss from missing a bowl yet again, but we've been talking about his imminent departure all fall. It's a matter of time after that 7th loss comes through.

Bobby Hauck, UNLV
Hauck is in the same boat as Chow, one loss away from home for the holidays status. Once that occurs, it won't be possible to bring him back.

Will Muschamp, Florida
Empty seats at the swamp, and a venomous public campaign are all signs pointing to Muschamp being gator bait by the end of November. The Gators are hanging tough, but a 6-6 record would not be enough to sell anyone, including Jeremy Foley, to keep him around anymore.

Already Gone
June Jones, SMU
Charlie Weis, Kansas
Larry Blakeney, Troy (Retiring at end of season)

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