Thursday, October 16, 2014

Coaches Swimming in the Dead Pool

We have already had several coaches that didn't see the end of their season in college football. Four coaches in college football have already parted ways officially in Charlie Weis, June Jones, Jeff Quinn, and Charlie Stubbs of Nicholls State (left for medical reasons), and Larry Blakeney, a top Dead Pooler, announced that he is quitting, errrrr, retiring at season's end at Troy. Let us take a closer look at who is left on our list of coaches who we basically guarantee will be fired sooner than later.

Paul Haynes, Kent State
A couple of short seasons ago, Darrell Hazell had the Golden Flashes in the unusually lofty territory of winning and pushing for a BCS bowl bid. This season,Haynes has taken Kent State back to the depths of despair that the program knew for so long. Kent State ranks dead last in our FBS PRS Rankings this week with a miserable record of 0-6, with a total score of -1116, making them one of only two schools in the nation to hit -1000 (the other being SMU).

Tom Mason, SMU
Speaking of SMU and teams reaching -1000, Mason's Mustangs are right there with Kent State, ranking 127th nationally with a score of -1025. Mason is only the interim coach after June Jones chose to commit coaching suicide earlier this season, but he has been on audition for the head job next season. Not a chance that happens.

Larry Blakeney, Troy (Already Quit)
Blakeney will see Troy out to the end of the season after announcing his retirement. He has been at Troy forever, and saw the Trojans through some wonderful times, but the dark times have come and aren't going away. Blakeny had to leave to save the program long term. The new hire will be extremely important.

Bill Blankenship, Tulsa
He is already being asked about whenever the AD has a press conference. It was said that he wouldn't be dumped before the end of the season. That does not give him a vote of confidence after the season ends. Blankenship is as good as done in Tulsa.

Norm Chow, Hawaii
The Rainbows have shown some improvement, but freak wins over Wyoming won't be enough to save Chow at this point. This win was just his 6th during his stay at Hawaii, making him 6-25 overall. Short of a miracle, Chow is done.

Jeff Quinn, Buffalo (Fired)
Quinn never quite made it to our Dead Pool this season before the axe fell last Monday afternoon, but he was a Hot Seat candidate for certain leading into an embarrassing 37-27 loss to Eastern Michigan, who had been winless. Quinn never improved off of his 8-5 record in 2013, and could not recover from the loss of Brandon Oliver on offense, and Khalil Mack on defense. Out of three wins in 2014, two were against FCS opponents.

Charlie Weis, Kansas (Fired)
Weis was a Dead Pooler before the season started, and it became obvious when the season started that Weis wasn't going to turn the ship around. It was made easier by the fact that he is just so damned unlikable to most people. Weis will likely never be a head coach again.

June Jones, SMU (Quit)
Jones bowed out after just two games and losses to Baylor and North Texas that saw the Mustangs muster just 3 points per game, while giving up 45 per game. Jones was slipping last season, and had seen enough in two weeks to pull the plug, Don't rule out a return to Hawaii if Chow is gone.

Brady Hoke, Michigan
Hoke is a mess at Michigan, and this season is coming off of the rails. The Wolverines got a much needed break last weekend and picked up a win, but I don't think it matters much what Hoke does from here on. The Ann Arbor faithful have made up their minds. Hoke has to go, and so he will, and will likely drag Dave Brandon down with him.

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