Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Coaches Swimming in the Dead Pool: 2014 Volume 2

The Pool Party got started last week when June Jones quit in surprising fashion after SMU was drubbed in both losses of the 2014 season. Who may be next to be a victim of the Dead Pool in 2014? Let's find out...

Ron Turner, FIU
The only win so far was against FCS member Wagner. Showed some life against Pitt, but blew a 16-0 lead in the loss. Turner is just treading water until the end of the season.

Norm Chow, Hawaii
Got what may be the only win of the season this week over Northern Iowa, but nearly gave it away. Now just 5-22 overall at Hawaii.

Troy Calhoun, Air Force
Despite being a weak 2-1, Calhoun won't likely survive a federal probe into the Air Force athletic department that is intent on looking deeply at football for improprieties.

Larry Blakeney, Troy
Blakeney has been at Troy for 24 years, and saw Troy's membership in the FBS ranks come to light. They are now 0-3 this season with a humiliating loss to Abilene Christian this week to top it off. Talk about stale, and his picture comes up.

Charlie Weis, Kansas
When the local paper in Lawrence states that Central Michigan is a must win game, times have gotten hard on Weis. HE may not last the season in Lawrence. He probably won't. He probably shouldn't.

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