Sunday, September 7, 2014

Coaches Swimming in the Dead Pool: 2014 Volume One

We continue our weekly look at the coaching ranks by looking at which coaches may as well pack their bags, because they are more likely to be fired than not by the end of the season. Let us see who is already Swimming in the Dead Pool after week two of the college football season:

Paul Rhoades, Iowa State
The Cyclones are just awful, and after blowing a late lead against Kansas State to lose once again, coming on the heels of a 20 point loss to FCS member North Dakota State, Rhoades just looks like he can't lead this team to any new heights. ISU is on path for a losing season yet again, and it is time for a change.

Ron Turner, FIU
Turner has been a disaster at FIU, and this team is just going nowhere. Turner's Panthers fell to Bethune-Cookman in the opener, but did manage a big win over Wagner. I just do not see who FIU can beat on their FBS schedule. Turner is done here.

Charlie Weis, Kansas
Weis hasn't done a thing but lose at KU, and the Jayhawks barely got by South Dakota State in their opener in a five point win. That does not bode well for what's to come in a very good Big 12. It's year three, and nothing is happening. Time to move on.

Norm Chow, Hawaii
another old favorite on this list, it's time to admit this mistake and make it right by firing Chow sooner than later. The UH athletic department has a huge deficit, and season ticket sales are at a low point from the last 40 years. The AD has flat out stated that the school may not be able to fund this program much longer. That falls on losing, because if this team could win, we aren't having that conversation. He is 4-22 during his term here, so you do the math.

Troy Calhoun, Air Force
The athletes have been running wild off of the field, and now there is a federal probe beginning that is looking deeply into the athletic department, specifically football. Add to the fact that the Falcons can't seem to beat anyone fielding an FBS football team, and the numbers are stacked against Calhoun.

Trent Miles, Georgia State
It may not actually happen this season, but Miles will not be at GSU long. That one point win over Abilene Christian was damn near a loss, and that will likely be their only win after falling at home to New Mexico State.

This list is short right now, but if you have been reading our work for very long, you will know that you will see this list grow as the season progresses. This will be a regular weekly piece moving forward.

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