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2014 NFL Draft: Breaking Down the Second Round

There was still an amazing amount of quality when the second round began, and everyone seems to be finding solid value with every second round pick. As I begin this writing, the 49ers are on the clock at pick number 57. Let's break down the second round by pick, and see who got the best value overall...

33. Houston selects OG Xavier Sua-Filo of UCLA
Sua-Filo is a first round talent who slid to the second round. He can play both guard or tackle on either the left or right side, and is the best UCLA OL player to enter the draft since Jonathon Ogden. Jim Mora's print on the UCLA program has been evident with both Anthony Barr and Sua-Filo going this high in the draft. Sua-Filo is a dominant beast who will be a fixture on the Texans line for a decade.

34. Dallas picks DE DeMarcus Lawrence of Boise State
Lawrence is a sack specialist, and the Cowboys need a rusher off of the edge to help fix a leaky defense. Lawrence is yet another need above whim pick by Jerry Jones, and one has to be proud of him for being so pragmatic when he is needed to be this season. Lawrence will need a bit of work early on, but he is an excellent need and value grab with this pick.

35. Cleveland picks Joel Bitonio, OT out of Nevada
Bitonio blew up the combine and really had one of the best postseasons of anyone in the draft. Bitonio has value at guard or tackle, and will give some stability to the Browns offense, especially when it comes to their run game. Bitonio is a fluid, athletic lineman, and will be one of the more underrated players coming off of this draft. Ray Farmer is killing it this draft.

36. Oakland selects Derek Carr, Fresno State QB
This is an excellent situation for Carr, who many were pegging as a top ten pick over Bortles or Manziel, and especially over Bridgewater. Carr gets to learn behind veteran Matt Schaub, and will not have to be tossed to the wolves until Schaub gets hurt, which he probably will. Carr should absorb as much time to develop as Schaub's fragile frame will allow him and come in when ready, and not a minute before. I really like this pick for both the Raiders and for Carr.

37. Atlanta grabs DT Ra'Shede Hageman, Minnesota
Hageman really shot up the boards in 2013, and continued on with a solid off season. Hageman is a rare Minnesota Gopher in the draft, and will likely start out as part of a rotation until he gets his feet wet. He can play five different techniques at tackle, and will have great value all over the line, and has great size. Solid pick.

38. Tampa Bay selects TE Austin Sefarian-Jenkins out of Washington
One of my favorite players available, Sefarian-Jenkins is an ultra productive TE in the passing game, and he will give whomever wins the QB battle between Luke McCown or Mike Glennon another awesome target to go along with 1st rounder Mike Evans and Vincent Jackson. The Bucs offensive is getting more exciting by the minute.

39. Jaguars select WR Marqise Lee out of USC
Lee had a oretty crappy 2013 by his standards, but the Jags needed a replacement for Justin Blackmon, who nobody believes will play in 2014. Lee also noted that he had a sprained MCL in 2013, and played through it without surgery or shots. When healthy, he is explosive, and has solid speed, and adds value in the return game. The Jags needed this guy, and they are rebuilding their offense piece by piece.

40. Detroit selects LB Kyle Van Noy, BYU
Van Noy has his pros and cons, but overall I really like what he brings to the table. He seems to have overcome the character issues that he had out of high school and during his early career at BYU, and really paid off with solid junior and senior seasons. NOt what I would call a tackle machine, Van Noy is a serious pass rush threat, and will give the Lions an edge off of the edge. He forced 11 career fumbles.

41. The Rams move up, and take LaMarcus Joyner, Safety out of Florida State
Joyner could play corner or safety, but lacks ideal size for either. He is just 5-8, and weighs only 185 lbs., but he plays bigger than his size indicates. He is solid in deep pass coverage, and also disruptive up front on the run. Alabama rejected him, but he won a title at Florida State instead. In all, the Rams may line him up as a nickel back, and let him rush the QB off the edge when he can break off of slot coverage.

42. The Eagles select Jordan Matthews, WR, Vanderbilt
The career leader in receptions at Vandy caught 242 passes the last two seasons, and is one of the more underrated players in the draft. Matthews will fit brilliantly into Chip Kelly's offense, and will become Nick Foles' best friends. This is a solid pick, and has great value.

43. The Giants select Warren Richburg, Center, Colorado State
Richburg goes a bit earlier than we projected, but he's a solid pick. A year ago, he was the third best Center for this class, but he moved up quickly.  A no nonsense player, Richburg helped to completely revolutionize the CSU offense, and is a team captain type character guy. He has excellent technique, and will anchor the Giants line for a long time.

44. Buffalo goes line, Gets Cyrus Kuondjo, OT, Alabama
Despite doctor clearances, Kuondjo likely has arthritis in both knees. This is a red flag, as was his poor workout at the combine. He still has potential, and the Bills didn't over grab for him, so this pick still has value if he doesn't work out. Still, I don't see that ten year career for the Bills here based on preexistent conditions medically before he ever plays a snap.

45. Seattle gives Russell Wilson another weapon in Paul Richardson, WR, Colorado
The Seahawks traded out of the first round, but they get a quality selection in Richardson. He has played on a bad a bad team, and therefore got limited exposure, but he is a good one. Richardson has the speed to bust loose on deep routes, and is one of the better hand receivers available. He finally gets to play for a quality QB, so look for him to take off.

46. Steeler get Stephen Tuitt, Notre Dame DE
Tuitt is added to a defense that already acquired Ryan Shazier in the first round. The Steelers are a franchise always built on defense, and that reputation took a hit last season. Tuitt can move a pile all over the field, and will be a force either playing NT or DE. He may do both in situational packages for the Steelers. Either way, with Tuitt and Shazier, the Steelers have added some muscle.

47. Redskins add muscle up front, Take Stanford's Trent Murphy
The Redskins already have talent up front at LB, and being that Murphy is not a fleet runner, he will likely move onto the line at DE. This guy is a football player, and moving to the line will be no issue for him. One of the smartest players available, he gives the Redskins a team leader that will be a force early on.

48. Timmy Jernigan to the Ravens
Jernigan only started for one season at Florida State, and is very raw, but he showed enough to scouts that he really ended up grading out as a first rounder. His ability and raw potential make him a great value here, and he should be fresh as he doesn't have a ton of mileage on the tires. The Ravens are nother team building up their defense, and this was a solid move.

49. Jets add a weapon for Gino Smith in Amaro
Jace Amaro is probably the best pass catching TE to come out of college in 30 years. He is a WR who plays in a TE body. He looks the role, and he can certainly get out and move. He uses his body well, and can run with anyone downfield. He may need some work as a run blocker, but you really want to take advantage of his amazing pass catching abilities. The anemic Jets offense needed this guy.

50. Chargers add defensive help in Jeremiah Attaochu
Attaochu played down at DE in college at Georgia Tech, but moves to OLB in a 3-4 set with the Chargers moving forward. He will be limited in pass coverage, so may only be a two down player early on, but he can certainly be disruptive in that role, and QBs in the AFC West will have some fear instilled in them as he comes off of the edge. He's rangy and athletic, and will only get better as he goes. He is a star in the making.

51. Bears bulk up leaky defense, add DT Ego Ferguson
The Bears may have jumped a bit early on Ferguson, but what they get is a very athletic pick here in the defensive tackle out of LSU. Ferguson runs a sub 5.0 40, and he can really use his hands to get through blocks. The Bears defense was a mess in 2013, and this pick again will help solidify that unit.

52. Cardinals add to explosive offense, select Niklas
Many scouts loved the TE out of Notre Dame, Troy Niklas. I am not fully on board, but he certainly has the size and body type to fill out the position. He is raw, and is experience limited, but he definitely will not be the first option in a loaded Cardinal passing game. That gives him time to develop and sneak his way into the regular pass catching group. It also gives him the opportunity to learn a bit more about blocking.

53. Packers add a big time weapon at WR
Davante Adams out of Fresno State is a huge weapon added to the offense for Aaron Rodgers, and in a matter of a year or so, he may end up being the number one receiver for the Pack. He produces huge numbers and can flat out move. He may need a bit of improvement when it comes to route running, but he should fit in with Green Bay just fine.

54. Titnas take the first RB to get picked in Sankey
Sankey was not the highest graded RB in the class, but he certainly has the cleanest record, with no red flags for character concerns. Sankey is a really nice RB who can play three downs, and that is exactly what the Titans need as they move on from Chris Johnson. Sankey wasn't the highest rated RB, but I certainly like what he brings to the table, and he could start early.

55. Jeremy Hill is just the latest character concern guy to go to the Bengals
Jeremy Hill is a huge character concern, and no matter how many people vouch for him, he was arrested twice before his 21st birthday. That's absolutely horrible. Skill wise, Hill can flat out play the game. He runs through tackles and blows up in the open field. If he can stay clean, it's a great pick. If not, he's a super bust.

56. Denver goes with a dark horse, gets Latimer for Manning
Cody Latimer, WR out of Indiana, was selected here by the Broncos, and he will be just one more weapon in a loaded offense for the Broncos and Peyton Manning. He should step in and take up some of the productivity lost when Eric Decker departed, and due to his postseason accolades, he has flown up draft boards. Latimer should fit nicely here.

57. 49ers get needed RB depth, take Carlos Hyde
Hyde is another top notch skill set RB, but again, like Hill, he is a potential character nightmare. He is loaded with off-field issues, and the Niners are taking a huge risk here. If Hyde can clean up his axct, he should provide a fixture that can eventually replace Gore at RB.

58. Saints address defense, add CB Jean-Baptiste
The Saints moved too early on Jean-Baptiste, as he graded out as a third rounder. He is a slow CB, and he really doesn't make a ton of sense on a fast track surface. He is solid if you use him as a front guy in a cover 2, but he's not great in man coverage. Not a fan of this pick here.

59. Colts make first pick of the draft, give Luck some blocking help
The Colts made a smart, conservative pick here when they drafted Jack Mewhort, an OT from Ohio State who may shift inside and play guard early on. Mewhort is one of my more underrated guys at tackle or guard, and the Colts positively needed to get help on the line, as Andrew Luck took a beating last season. This is a very smart selection here.

60. Carolina ignores lack of depth at WR, goes defense in Ealy
The Panthers probably need to draft three receivers who can play now in this draft. Instead, they ignored the need in round two and go with Kony Ealy at DE out of Missouri. I am not sure about this pick, but Ealy was considered to have 1st round potential. I find him to be a tweener at best, and I am not sure what the defensive minded Ron Rivera was thinking here. Cam Newton needs help, and Ealy can't be the guy to give it.

61. Jags add more much needed offense, add Allen Robinson
The Jaguars needed some star power on offense, and they are heaping it on. Robinson is a bigger, physical receiver who can get to the football in chunks. Look for him to get a great deal of playing time as the Jags go young. They may not be very good early, but they will be exciting.

62. Patriots may have found the heir apparent at QB in Garoppolo
The Patriots shocked the draft crowd when they made a huge move in drafting Jimmy Garoppolo, a fantastic QB prospect out of Eastern Illinois, a school that gave us Sean Payton and Tony Romo. Garoppolo has a massively quick release and passed for over 13,000 yards as a four year starter, double what Romo did there. He also tossed 118 career TD passes, and led EIU from the doormat spot in the Ohio Valley, to conference champs by the time he left. The best part is that he has at least two years to develop and learn from Tom Brady. For the Patriots, they now have a chance to unload Ryan Mallett before losing him after the 2014 season.

63. Dolphins recover from horrible first round choice, get Jarvis Landry at WR
Landry isn;t the biggest guy at WR, but he certainly is skilled. He should start almost immediately for the talent lacking Dolphins. Landry's biggest problem is an overall lack of speed, but value wise, they get him just about exactly where he was projected. He wasn't the best option here, but not the worst.

64. The Seahawks add line depth in Justin Britt
The Missouri OT goes to the Seahawks here, as the Hawks literally felt like they could go with what they thought was the best player available. When you are as deep as they are everywhere, you can do that. That being said, Britt graded out as the last draftable tackle on our board, and was a potential seventh rounder. This pick makes little sense.

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