Sunday, January 5, 2014

Finalists and Winner: 2013 FBS All-Bilo Wide Receiver of the Year

Our 2013 Award Season continues with our 2013 All-Bilo WR of the Year Award. It was a huge season for so many receivers across the country, and it was one of the most difficult awards to decide. 42 receivers finished with over 1000 yards receiving in FBS football in 2013, a huge accomplishment by so many receivers. Here are our finalists for our 2013 WR of the Year in FBS football:

Brandin Cooks-Oregon State
Davante Adams-Fresno State
Willie Snead-Ball State

This was a difficult pick this season, as there were many different ways to look at this position. It was a fantastic season for so many, but one stood out at the end for a truly amazing season. The winner of our 2013 FBS Wide Receiver of the Year Award is:

Brandin Cooks-Oregon State
Cooks narrowly edged out Davante Adams of Fresno State for our award this season, but it was well deserved. Cooks led the nation with 1730 receiving yards on the season, also leading the country with an average of 133.1 yards per game. Cooks finished with 128 receptions, which was second nationally. Cooks averaged 13.52 yards per catch, and scored 16 times on the season, and also averaged 9.8 catches per game. Congratulations to Brandin Cooks and to the Oregon State Program!

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