Sunday, January 5, 2014

Finalists and Winner: 2013 FBS All-Bilo Punter of the Year

The 2013 FBS Punter of the Year is one of our final two special teams awards given in 2013, and may have been our closest point tally yet amongst the finalists of any award given for this season. Here are our finalists:

Justin Manton-UL-Monroe
Zac Murphy-Miami (Ohio)
Austin Rehkow-Idaho

Obviously, this award is dictated by not only the quality of work, but by the volume as well. Because of the horrible seasons that Idaho and Miami (Ohio) both had, of course their punters would get insane amounts of work in per game. On the other hand, ULM  had a decent season, especially in the second half of the year, but Manton got a huge workload as well.
The winner of the 2013 FBS All-Bilo Punter of the Year Award is...

Zac Murphy, Miami (Ohio)
This vote came down to a difference of a miniscule 40 points, with Murphy scoring 199710 points to hold off UL-Monroe's Manton. Murphy made the best of a horrible season by his teammates by averaging 46.61 yards per punt on the year on a whopping 79 punts, or 6.6 punts per game. Murphy's 3662 yards led the nation in 2013, and he averaged 306.8 yards per game in what was a very busy season for him. Congratulations to Zac Murphy and to the Miami Program!

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