Wednesday, December 11, 2013

As the Carousel Turns: December Edition 3

It's been interesting today. Nothing makes sense right now, as there were some hirings that were completely out of left field, and screwed up the general equation of things. Let's take a look at what transpired today...

Once UConn was turned down by Pat Narduzzi this morning (smart move in my book), the Huskies moved on, but instead of making a move on either Ball State's Pete Lembo or Towson's Rob Ambrose, Warde Manuel went with Notre Dame DC Bob Diaco instead.
I'm sure Diaco is a fine coach, but once again, this is a hire made seemingly out of desperation, and could be constituted as a reach. This is a low grade hire by what has become a low grade program.
One note to add, apparently the Huskies are dishing out $1.5 million per year on Diaco, to a guy who has never coached on this level before. Yet another stellar decision by an incompetent organization that knows nothing about football.

Eastern Michigan
Speaking of low grade hires by low grade programs, Eastern Michigan had looked at Eastern Illinois coach Dino Babers and Colorado State Pueblo head coach Jeff Wristen, and instead reached low for Drake's Chris Creighton. Creighton hasn't won a thing at Drake, and when you had better options, this surely makes zero sense. Creighton wasn't even on any radars until today.
Basically, this job is a graveyard, so I guess EMU decided not to shoot to high.

In another move that makes minimal sense, AD Patrick Chung has informed interim coach Brian Wright that he will not be considered for the full time job. Wright didn't do too much, as he only drove this putrid program up from the toilet to get them bowl eligible AFTER they fired their drug abusing head coach, but hey, you can't ask for too much, especially when all of your other candidates keep pulling themselves from consideration. This program is bleeding a sense of massive dysfunction. They are absolutely FAUcked.

Arkansas State
DC John Thompson, a venerable veteran of the program after spending two years on the staff, will be the interim head coach after Bryan Harsin did a 180 and bolted for Boise State after telling everyone he was staying at ASU. Thompson will also be a candidate for the full time job, because, seriously, someone needs to stick around for a while. Whoever the new coach is will be their fifth head coach in five years. The door swings often in Jonesboro.
Other names tossed around in consideration for the job are Auburn OC Rhett Lashlie, Cincinnati OC Eddie Gran (he recently turned down the FAU job), Ed Orgeron, Clay Helton, and others.

Yeah, Mack is on his way out the door, and no, nobody has confirmed it or will. Yeah, they are apparently wooing Nick Saban from Alabama for an amount of money that would fund some third world countries, but no, Saban won't confirm or deny anything, including Alabama's offers of an extension that would fund whatever third world countries that Texas' offer wouldn't fund. In other words, lots has happened, and yet it didn't. Stay tuned, while staying confused. While the saying goes "Don't mess with Texas", you don't have to, because Texas seems messed up all on their own.
One thing that came to mind about this job is this. Pat Narduzzi has turned down UConn, and in passing, Mark Dantonio's name has come up lightly in consideration for this job from some circles. Could Narduzzi be staying on at Michigan State because he's been offered the head job in East Lansing if Dantonio is a fall back for the Texas job? Again, stay tuned.

FCS Jobs

With Chris Creighton off to Eastern Michigan (are we really serious about this?), Rick Fox has been elevated from assistant to the full time head job. Nobody else was interviewed obviously.

Ball State OC Rich Skrosky has been named the head coach of the Phoenix today. This is an interesting hire, and Elon got a solid grab here. Probably the best hire of the day by a mile.

North Carolina Central
Former Arena League QB and Winston-Salem State coach Connell Maynor has met with officials about the job. This would be a huge grab for NCCU if they go this way. Maynor has built a machine at WSSU.

North Dakota
The application process closed today, and the list contains a who's who that resembles applicants for an open dishwasher's job at Denny's. Seriously, there is a guy on the list who currently works at Aetna, a high school teacher who isn't currently coaching football, and a list of JC coaches and High School assistants from all over America. Out of 43 applicants, maybe five are serious. It's just funny. That being said, there are some really interesting guys on a very short portion of the list, so stay tuned on this one.

On that note...stay tuned for the next edition of "As the Carousel Turns"...

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