Saturday, November 9, 2013

Coaches Swimming in the Dead Pool

And here is our list of Dead Pool candidates for the end of 2013. These guys are on the way out the door, and they shouldn't let it hit them in the ass on the way out. Their firings are just around the corner.

Mike London, Virginia
London has already been given the dreaded vote of confidence from his AD, so there's that, and it came right before a seven TD loss to Clemson. London is done, and UVA is already out of bowl contention at 2-7. Just counting the days now.

Paul Rhoades, Iowa State
It's just gotten ugly for the Cyclones this season, and they are routinely getting blown out week by week. ISU needs yet another change, and another shot in the arm, because Rhoades has simply lost this team.

Doug Martin, New Mexico State
Martin is the only guy on this list who may survive to see 2014, and that's only because nobody else really wants this go nowhere job. Las Crucas is a coaching graveyard that has never seen a coach go on to bigger and better in the modern era (dating back to the 80's). This is a terrible job, and it won't get better anytime soon. That being said, even Martin will have to show something eventually, and I am not seeing it.

Norm Chow, Hawaii
Chow has been on the list since last season, and he ma not see another. At 0-8, the Rainbows are a disgrace, and even their timid fan base will start to demand better, as most fans already have. Hawaii could be a winning program, but are we still asking why Chow wasn't made a head coach years ago? The answer to that is right in front of us all.

Charlie Molnar, UMass
UMass is, like Iowa State, a weekly blow out candidate. The Minutemen are horrible and getting worse, and Molnar is not the guy that will lead them out of this black hole that they find themselves in. UMass will likely find the cash to make a move, and try to turn the corner. Yes, there are solid candidates for this job.

Ron English, Eastern Michigan
The clock is ticking, and every week that goes by that he hasn't been fired is a surprise to me. He will likely coach out the final three games, and will then get the axe. This firing is a dead on certainty, but like New Mexico State, it's a pretty terrible job.

Already Drowned in 2013
Lane Kiffin, USC; Paul Pasqualoni, UConn; Carl Pelini, Florida Atlantic; Doug Williams, Grambling State

Side Note: Expect Bo Pelini to be a casualty if Nebraska falls to Michigan this week. Every loss will magnify the target on his back.

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