Monday, October 7, 2013

Week 6 FBS PRS Rankings

Here is our 6th FBS PRS Rankings of the 2013 season:

1. Ohio State (6-0, 1221)
Last Week: Defeated Northwestern 40-30
This Week: Idle
The Buckeyes got away with one this week, and won by 10 after trailing against Northwestern at the half. They now have to regroup and move forward, while still being the front runner for the conference title in the Big 10. Teams will study up on the Northwestern films and seek out flaws.

2. Oregon (5-0, 1167)
Last Week: Defeated Colorado 57-16
This Week: at Washington
Oregon is in cruise mode, and nobody has gotten close to them yet. Colorado certainly didn't, and D'Anthony Thomas wasn't even on the field. The Ducks are rolling, and will face a challenge that they should more than pass in Seattle next week.

3. Alabama (5-0, 1159)
Last Week: Defeated Georgia State 45-3
This Week: At Kentucky
The Tide crushed Georgia State, and should do the same with Kentucky this week. With Ohio State taking the week off, Alabama could leap over Oregon to number one if the Ducks struggle and the Tide rolls.

4. Stanford (5-0, 1136)
Last Week: Defeated Washington 31-28
This Week: At Utah
The Cardinal has been getting by this fall, but they got their biggest win last weekend over Washington. Utah is angry after a sloppy loss to UCLA at home, but I don't think that they have the talent to stop Stanford either.

5. Florida State (5-0, 1122)
Last Week: Defeated Maryland 63-0
This Week: Idle
FSU slammed down the gauntlet in the ACC with a huge statement win over Maryland. The Terps looked like boys amongst men on the field on Saturday, and even though Maryland was unbeaten, they weren't in the same class. FSU takes a week off to ramp up to make their final run.

6. LSU (5-1, 1098)
Last Week: Defeated Mississippi State 59-26
This Week: Florida
The Tigers came back and cruised this week, sending the Bulldogs towards a lost season at 2-4. The Tigers are not out of the SEC race by any means, but they do have a huge challenge against the Florida defense this week.

7. Michigan (5-0, 1091)
Last Week: Defeated Minnesota 42-13
This week: at Penn State
Michigan decided to show up and play 4 quarters this week, and actually roll someone they were supposed to roll. Now they look like they are ready to play some ball, and a road trip to Penn State will pose challenges.

8. Louisville (5-0, 1066)
Last Week: Defeated Temple 30-7
This Week: Rutgers
The Cardinals have not been challenged at all in 2013, but that could all change against Rutgers this week. I don't love Rutgers this season, but they will be the toughest team that Louisville has faced. If Teddy Bridgewater blows up again this week, he could finally be taken seriously for a moment by the mainstream media.

9. Oklahoma (5-0, 1047)
Last Week: Defeated TCU 20-17
This Week: Texas (at Dallas)
The Sooners are slowly rolling along, not winning with flash and bling, but doing things methodically instead. The Sooners got a challenge last weekend, and will get another shot at humiliating Texas this week. Could we see the end of the Mack Brown era?

10. Northern Illinois (5-0, 1030)
Last Week: Defeated Kent State 38-24
This Week: Akron
NIU gets into the top 10, and after beating two Big 10 teams, they certainly deserve to be there. The Huskies are rolling, and could challenge for yet another BCS bid in the final season of the system.

The Rest of the Top 25

11. Clemson (5-0, 1007)
12. UCLA (4-0, 1003)
13. Missouri (5-0, 996)
14. Texas Tech (5-0, 988)
15. Fresno State (5-0, 966)
16. Miami (5-0, 945)
17. Ball State (5-1, 848)
18. Baylor (4-0, 820)
19. Houston (4-0, 806)
20. Central Florida (4-1, 785)
21. Georgia (4-1, 737)
22. Bowling Green (5-1, 727)
23. Virginia Tech (5-1, 695)
24. Florida (4-1, 689)
25. South Carolina (4-1, 689)

The Next Ten

26. Oregon State (4-1, 658)
27. Auburn (4-1, 628)
28. Oklahoma State (4-1, 621)
29. Washington (4-1, 594)
30. Rutgers (4-1, 574)
31. Texas A&M (4-1, 573)
32. East Carolina (4-1, 528)
33. Notre Dame (4-2, 525)
34. Northwestern (4-1, 520)
35. Maryland (4-1, 517)

The Bottom Ten

116. UConn (0-4, -836)
117. Akron (1-5, -867)
118. Hawaii (0-5, -873)
119. Southern Miss (0-5, -914)
120. Miami (Ohio) (0-5, -940)
121. Temple (0-5, -978)
122. UMass (0-5, -1038)
123. Western Michigan (0-6, -1149)
124. New Mexico State (0-6, -1153)
125. Georgia State (0-5, -1249)

Coming tomorrow: FCS PRS Rankings, As the Carousel Turns

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