Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Coaches Swimming in the Dead Pool

June Jones, SMU
Jones only has one win this season, and that was a last second grab from Montana State, a one point win. Jones is running out of time in Dallas, as the faithful are more than restless. Jones may be on his way out sooner than later.

Garrick McGee, UAB
He has already changed his DC this season, and when you start changing coordinators during the season, you may as well start packing your bags. Whether this season or next, McGee is as good as done here.

Doug Martin, New Mexico State
This was never going to be a long term hire, and he's proving why. The Aggies are winless at 0-6, and any kind of miracle run is out of the question. Martin has one more season in Las Crucas, but if he were let go this season, I wouldn't be shocked. It's a matter of time.

Norm Chow, Hawaii
Chow is done, it's just a matter of when the UH administration gets the balls to tell him that it's over. He was a bad fit, and at 0-5, there are next to no victories on the horizon. Hawaii likely falls to 0-6 this week at UNLV.

Charlie Molnar, UMass
We should start by saying that Molnar was walking into a weird situation before taking the job. UMass plays 90 miles from home at cavernous Gillette Stadium. They don't have FBS talent, or anything resembling it, and they play in a recruiting wasteland of greater New England. There is almost no such thing as a die hard college football fan to be found in the state, and if gambling didn't exist, nobody would watch it there at all. This is a go nowhere situation, and Molnar is not the right guy to make to go somewhere. Having lived in Mass for almost a decade, I can tell you that there is next to no media coverage on TV, radio or newspapers for BC, and there is absolutely zero interest in UMass football and zero coverage in the only media market that matters, which is Boston. Amherst is as small a town as you will find anywhere in America, and outside of the campus, nobody is behind this program. Had they stayed on the FCS level, they could find success that way. As an FBS program, they are lost. Molnar is done here, and without a splashy hire that can actually coach rather than just serve as a name, it won't work. Molnar never even had that much going for him.

Ron English, Eastern Michigan
He's still swimming and will finish out the year. Expect him to be fired after the last game of the season by the new AD. Other than one season with 6 wins (2 were against FCS teams), English has largely failed here, and a 42-14 loss to Buffalo is a huge example of that failure.

Already Drowned: Lane Kiffin, USC; Paul Pasqualoni, UConn; Don Treadwell, Miami (Ohio)
Kiffin was done before the season began, as was Pasqualoni. Treadwell is the latest guy to lose a grip on his floatation device and slid to the bottom of the pool as well. Treadwell's 0-5 start to the season was a disaster which was built off of the disaster of last season. He was an offensive guy at Michigan State who was hugely hailed when hired, and yet his offense is one of America's worst in 2013. The Miami administration is not known for making rash decisions, but when it's obvious, a move must be made. I applaud Miami (Ohio) for making a decision that was best for the program moving forward. The Red Hawks actually do have a winning tradition, it's just getting harder to remember it as the losing continues.

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