Saturday, October 19, 2013

Coaches Swimming in the Dead Pool

Here is our look at the Dead Pool, where we look at coaches who sooner or later, will not be coaching at their present school any longer. Whether this season, or next, we cannot see how their current situation can possibly be fixed.
Let's take a swim in the Dead Pool!

Jim Grobe, Wake Forest
There was a short period where it looked as of the Demon Deacons would make a place for themselves in the ACC under Grobe. That was a short lived era. The Deacons are 3-3 right now, but they are not nearly that good a football team. They fell to Clemson 56-7, so that shows how far away they are under Grobe right now.

Mack Brown, Texas
He saved himself for 2013 by beating Oklahoma last week, but with a change coming in the AD, Brown will likely coach his final season in 2014. If the Horns fall apart in the second half of this season, he could still go this winter.

Doug Martin, New Mexico State
Martin was hired not because he was the best guy for the job, but because he was one of the few who wanted it. I see absolutely no opportunities for a single win this season, and the pressure will only get worse when the Aggies join the Sun Belt. Martin was an assistant on a sinking ship when he took this job, and if he was only going to get fired at Boston College anyway, why was he a great candidate for this job? Look at his head coaching record, and you will find one winning season...ever.

Charlie Molnar, UMass
Got his first win of the season against equally hapless Miami (Ohio). It'll likely be the last win for the Minutemen in 2013. I wrote about this program in depth last week, so I won't pile on again.

Ron English, Eastern Michigan
We are weeks away from the end of his tenure. He started 2013 on this list, and has done nothing to come off of it. The Eagles are just 1-5.

Norm Chow, Hawaii
Another season long swimmer, Chow lost at UNLV last week, and once again, I see no opportunities for a win in 2013 moving forward. With what would be just 4 wins in two seasons, it becomes obvious that this was a mistake hire, but then again, I already know that.

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