Thursday, October 3, 2013

Coaches on the Hot Seat

Here is our updated list of Hot Seat candidates for 2013. This means that a coach may or may not be fired in 2013, but all eyes are on them.

David Cutliffe, Duke
Cutliffe has not turned the corner with the Blue Devils yet, and they are 1-2 in their last three games, including 2 losses in ACC play. Let's not forget that the Blue Devils barely escaped with a win over a miserable Troy team last weekend.

Bo Pelini, Nebraska
I really wrestled with putting Pelini into the Dead Pool this week, as I find it a 50/50 shot that he could be let go by the end of the season. It's still too early to call, and a bit too popular to call him done right now. With Taylor Martinez injured, Pelini has turned to Tommie Armstrong at QB, and he may not switch back if Armstrong can handle the load.

Paul Rhodes, Iowa State
I know there is not much pressure in Ames these days, but Rhodes has gotten some breaks from the fan base, especially being that the Cyclones let Texas get away late in the game for a 31-30 loss tonight. ISU is now 1-3, and bowl hopes are slipping away. Rhodes may be safe this season, but missing the postseason this winter would have him feeling some heat in 2014 for certain.

Ron Turner, FIU
I really think that it's kind of nuts to put so much pressure on Turner so early in his first season, but the Panthers have been just awful. Would FIU make a move on him as fast as Southern Miss did on Ellis Johnson last season? It's worth watching.

David Bailiff, Rice
The Owls are just 2-2 right now, and are struggling to score. Bailiff's career at Rice has been largely hit and miss, mostly miss. The 18-14 win over FAU was not quality, and the Owls are in danger of tilting wither way right now.

Bill Blankenship, Tulsa
Blankenship seemed out of his depth when he was hired, but had a nice run early. Now that he has to do it with his players, and his staff, it's not going so well for Tulsa, and at 1-3, this team should be better.

Skip Holtz, Louisiana Tech
Another first year guy, but he's hearing it from the fan base in Ruston, with Tech at just 1-4 on the season. The Bulldogs have lost any magic that would have been left over from the Sonny Dykes days.

Troy Calhoun, Air Force
Service academies are usually patient with their coaches, but Calhoun is losing the Falcons, who have blown out in every loss but one this season. He will likely get another season, but things haven't been great for a couple of years now.

Rocky Long, San Diego State
Long's Aztecs have beaten one team in 2013, and that's New Mexico State. They have lost to Eastern Illinois, and look lost against real competition. Offensive play calling has been head scratching at times, and cost them an upset win over Oregon State. The losses could pile to high to ignore.

Don Treadwell, Miami (Ohio)
There was so much promise when Treadwell was hired, but he seems buried right now. The RedHawks have not won in 2013, and I am not sure when they may. The team actually seems to be getting worse.

Gary Pinkel, Missouri
I know that the Tigers are 4-0 right now, but SEC play is just starting, and I don't see too many wins on the horizon for the Tigers. If the tigers collapse against SEC opponents, look for Pinkel to hit the road.

Todd Berry, UL-Monroe
Berry teased us all by getting ULM to another level last season, but now it looks like the Warhawks are slipping back again, and now Kolton Browning is out for the forseeable future with a torn quad. It could be a long season in Monroe, and Berry may not survive.

Larry Blakeney, Troy
With Corey Robinson at QB, the Trojans should be so much better, but they've been irrelevant in the Sun Belt for going on three years now. Blakeney may slide into the Dead Pool in a matter of a couple of weeks.

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