Tuesday, October 8, 2013

As the Carousel Turns, Volume Two

The Trojans have had some movement this week, albeit rather embarrassing. Pat Haden has told the press the there are imposters that are representing the university in talks with potential candidates for the job. Those candidates are Tony Dungy and more than likely Jack Del Rio. I have a different take on the situation, as I believe that the Trojans have been shot down by both of those candidates because both candidates have said no t the job, and Haden and the USC administration have been embarrassed by the rejections. Jack del Rio was said to have been the leading candidate, but his sights are likely elsewhere, like another NFL head coaching job that he can grab by parlaying a successful Broncos run into another gig in the pros. He wasn't successful at Jacksonville overall, but someone may be crazy enough to give him another shot, and taking the USC job would interfere with that vision.
Dungy is comfortable in his TV gigs, and likely will never walk the sidelines again after the NFL life led to difficulties within his family unit. He will likely value family time above coaching, and the likelihood that he ever coaches again is about at zero.
USC would love to speak with Kevin Sumlin, but that likelihood is also very low. I have been asked by another person on Twitter about the chances that the Trojans would seek Art Briles of Baylor, but the Bears are not likely to see Briles leave with a brand new stadium and other facilities becoming available. Briles will likely not be a realistic candidate for the job, and likely would turn it down.
I am sticking with Tim DeRuyter for now, as Fresno State continues to roll.

There has not been any information on this job, with no new candidates coming forward. The Huskies will not be making any splashy hires, but there are plenty of local FCS candidates to choose from who are all solid candidates.
I am still sticking with my prediction of Rob Ambrose from Towson returning to the Storrs campus. Towson is making another great run, Ambrose is a UConn guy, and will likely be the guy to get the job.

Coming up tomorrow...Coaches on the Hot Seat, Coaches Swimming in the Dead Pool, Bilo's Picks Week 7

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