Monday, September 2, 2013

Coaches Swimming in the Dead Pool:2013 Edition 1

We have now locked week one of the 2013 College Football season away into the books, with the exception of tonight's Florida State-Pittsburgh game. This is the time when we begin to analyze our look at Coaches on the Hot Seat, and start to get a feel for who is diving head first into what is known as "The Dead Pool". The Dead Pool is a place where you'd better start learning to swim, because sinking to the bottom means that you are unemployed by the end of the current season. Let's take a look at who threw on some trunks, and took the splash.

Coaches Swimming in the Dead Pool: 2013 Edition 1

Paul Pasqualoni, UConn: PP has never been a popular hire with the national crowd, and a 10-14 record entering year three was doing nothing toward squashing those ill feelings down. Let's add to the fact that the Huskies were embarrassed at home against FCS member Towson 33-18 at home last Thursday, and there will even be heat within the vanilla fan base that the Huskies boast. UConn wants to be taken seriously, but it won't be done like this. Pasqualoni may be done after year three.

Kirk Ferentz, Iowa: I know that I was not alone in predicting the loss to Northern Illinois, but I did mention on my Twitter feed that Iowa would blow an opportunity to win, which they did with a late pick that gave the Huskies field position for the game winning field goal. There have been arguments sent my way that Ferentz is in Iowa City to stay with a fat contract that goes for 4 more years, but how long can Iowa be happy with an 8 win ceiling max, when they aren't even reaching that? Iowa must find the money for a buyout on this stupid contract, and find a way to move on. Gone are the days when you can simply be happy with mediocrity in a power conference.

Norm Chow, Hawaii: I know, there's no surprise to hear me splash Chow down in the pool, but God, he has no idea what he's doing at UH. Hawaii's ineptitude is the only thing that kept them from challenging an equally inept performance by USC last Thursday night for an upset. Think about this for a minute...Chow was co-planning the offensive game plan with offensive graduate assistants for their biggest game of the season. It's like Howard Stern handing over his show to the interns. Chow is without a clue, he's in the deep end, there's no life raft, and sharks are circling.

Bobby Hauck, UNLV: This one pains me the most. I live in Vegas, and am a huge Hauck guy, but this is just not working at all, and it's not likely to start anytime soon. UNLV has never won a road game under Hauck, and the second half meltdown at Minnesota was just another example of how lost this program is, and it was started by a complete defensive collapse that allowed the Gophers the lead right before the half. Hauck is just not getting it done, and the upper half of the MWC completely outclasses this program. All is lost in Sin City, and the program is bleeding cash.

Lane Kiffin, USC: Kiffin is the only coach swimming in the Pool that won his first game this week. If you stayed up late on the east coast or the west on a work night, you saw an inexplicable disaster on offense for the Trojans. The defense simply kept the Trojans alive against Hawaii, who held a lead well into the first quarter before USC could pull their heads out of their collective posteriors. Even Marquise Lee, who is normally unflappable, dropped passes and fumbled a punt return. Neither Cody Kessler nor Max Wittek played the QB position worth a bucket of warm dog urine, and if the QB position alone is not figured out soon, Kiffin is done. If you ask many USC fans the question now, he already is.

Dan Enos, Central Michigan: I watched CMU for about 15 minutes against Michigan on the Big Ten Network (BTN), and that's about all I could take. The Chippewas, who were so strong under Brian Kelly and Butch Jones, have completely derailed under the watch of Enos. I never expected them to challenge Michigan, but this game was an absolute wreck, and I fear for Enos against the stronger coaches in the MAC. It's time to admit a mistake hire hear.

Ron English, Eastern Michigan: Speaking of outclassed MAC coaches, English is firmly in the deep end after struggling to beat MEAC member Howard. English is already likely done, so this is a ticking time bomb.

Coaches Swimming in the Dead Pool: 2013 Edition 2 will be released on Monday, September 9th!

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