Friday, August 3, 2012

Dispelling WAC Rumors

Here's our weekly WAC update. There is no WAC update. I just spoke via email with Jeff Hurd, acting WAC commissioner, and asked him about WAC rumors regarding anouncements that were said to be immenent by some readers and unnamed media outlets. I can tell you that these rumors are untrue at this time, and nothing is imminent at all. He has not even heard these rumors himself, and there is nothing on the table to be done in the next several days, and I expect no announcements or conversations even until the end of August at the earliest now.
Hurd does not make these decisions independently, and has to wait for approval from the WAC Board of Directors before making any announcements, and he has not received that green light at this time.
To make things perfectly clear, there will be no WAC football in 2013, and although there is still a strong desire to move forward with football in 2014 and beyond, it is not a necessity to keeping the WAC alive entirely. The priority is to keep the WAC alive in any way possible, and if that means that football dies and potentially never returns, they are ok with that, although it is not preferrable that way.
That's all there is at this time. There is no announcement forthcoming, and so nothing has changed. Beware of rumors that you hear, as almost all of it will be simple conjecture from unproven sources. I will update this post with a YouTube post very soon.
As always, feel free to contact me directly with any questions you may have in regards to the WAC or any other conference, and I will get you the answers that you need from direct sources within the conference or school, as to avoid potentially damaging or false rumors.

Scott Bilo


  1. Scott:
    Good blog. My question is this. What is the likelihood that this deal happens with 6 FCS teams moving to the WAC? Secondly what do the think the chances are that Georgia Southern is one of those schools? If you could put a % of likelihood on each question, I'd appreciate it. You seek to have the ear of Commissioner Hurd, so I'm interested to hear what you think. Thanks.

    Opie of Georgia Southern

    1. Opie, Great question. As for 2013, there is no chance that the 6 teams you speak of will be available. It's just too late in the game. For 2014 or 2015, however, there is very much a chance that something can get done. I emphasize the word "CAN". There is nothing done just yet, but any schools could be in the game. I am hearing that Georgia Southern has been a part of the conversation for the WAC, but if I had to give it a real percentage, I would say it's about 10%. I see Ga. Southern as more of a candidate for one of the following conferences: CUSA, Sun Belt, or the Colonial, with the Colonial having the highest chance to land them if they indeed choose to bail out on the SoCon. Zero percent chance anything gets done for the WAC in 2013, and about 25% for 2014.

  2. Georgia Southern will not be involved in this. App State isn't interested in this either and we seem to want to stick together, so GSU is going to pursue a different path. We also need to worry more about finding a new AD right now. Hope to have you back as a member of the Athletic Foundation since the reason for you not donating is gone now, Opie.