Thursday, July 26, 2012

WAC Media Days: UT-San Antonio

Here are the notes for UTSA, Larry Coker, Eric Soza, Steven Kurfehs attending:

  • Graduating players is critical
  • Expectations for the team is high. Coker never goes into a season not expecting to win.
  • Going to prepare and compete to win every football team.
  • Outstanding spring.
  • Winning is hard to do, but expectations are high.
  • Only 3 recruiting classes at this point. 36 Sophomores on team. only 6 seniors on roster.
  • Coker knows how tough the talent will be as he moves into WAC.
  • Young men from Texas expect to compete at a high level.
  • Players were happy to play football last season after not being on the field for a year.
  • Maturity was an issue last season according to Kurfehs.
  • Allowed games to slip out of their hands last fall.
More later as I post my interview with Larry Coker

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