Thursday, July 26, 2012

WAC Media Days: San Jose State

Mike MacIntyre and David Quessenberry are on the podium.

  • Team is stronger now than when MacIntyre got there.
  • Excited about 6th home game this season.
  • Team is better now than this time last season.
  • Utah State, La. Tech are two of the best teams on the schedule this season.
  • Talking about Travis Johnson and what he means to the team overall.
  • Everything gets better, or gets worse, but nothing stays the same.
  • Cornerstone of the program to always get better.
  • Creating culture of an every day work attitude.
  • Trying to build a foundation that lasts, rather than being a one hit wonder.
  • Believes that he has 4 capable guys at QB.
  • Does not feel a drop off if hit by injuries at QB.
  • Will work as many QBs in fall camp as he has time for.
  • Lost 3 seniors on the line after last season.
  • SJSU has been able to redshirt many linemen. Looks at that as a strength.
  • Physical conditioning has been a major focus.
  • Last season, team was stronger, and caused more fumbles. That was an indication of strength.
  • Signing athletes as recruits. All 3 starting LBs were HS tailbacks.
  • Looks for two way players when recruiting high school kids.
  • NOt moving guys around as much now from position to position as they had early on.
  • Better situation scholarship wise that makes them a better team.
  • Tyler Irvin could be a two way player as a sophomore. Could play RB/CB, and could return kicks.
  • Irvin could play CB, start there.
  • First major scrimmage is the timeline for naming a starter at QB.
Spoke with coach MacIntyre about the QB situation further. He said that they will work 4 QBs the first 5 practices, and then in week two will narrow it down to 2 QBs. He said that all 4 QBs do different things well, and have different skill sets, such as some are better option oriented QBs, some are better passers.
We also spoke briefly about Tate Forcier, who had transferred to SJSU from Michigan. He said that Forcier was making plays while he was there, and was solidly the starter while he was there. Unfortunately, said Macintyre, the situation did not work out for Tate, and he feels badly for him. That being said, he is more than happy with those that he has on campus, and believes that he has a very good problem with 4 very talented players at that position.

Next up, Utah State closes the day, and closes what will likely be the final WAC Media Day.

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