Thursday, July 26, 2012

WAC Media Days: Idaho

  • Idaho is next up for WAC Media Days:
  • Vandals looking for positives this fall.
  • When going to a bowl game, they found ways to make plays, last season, it didn't happen
  • Coach Akey talking about intensity increase moving forward. Incredibly positive.
  • Feels every game will come down to about 5 plays.
  • Unwanted red-headed step child acording to Akey.
  • Feels that this will be the last season that WAC football will be played.
  • Playing with a chip in their shoulder due to being unwanted by other conferences.
  • Start conference play with New Mexico State at the Kibble Dome.
  • Want to get off to a great start at camp.
  • Excited about opening with Eastern Washington.
  • Anything is possible about conference afiliation or surviving as an independent.
  • There is no financial yet as to what they have to do.
  • Did not see the roster seperation at the end of spring as he expected.
  • QB battle not yet decided.
  • Refers to Texas State, UTSA as one year wonders, as they are leaving after this fall.
  • Strengths of the team, we're anxious to find out.
  • Pride and family is considered a strength.
  • Team is tighter since spring ball.
  • More experience on defense, defense grew during spring ball.
  • Couple of pages added to the defensive playbook.
  • Refers to Mike Scott as a guy who can make plays.
  • Veltung is hopefully healthy at WR and returns.
  • 2 RBs that can do some good things
  • QB job needs to be determined.
  • Best Punter in the country in Bobby Cowan.
  • Hopes that their defensive MVP is Cowan because he set up the defense so well.
Louisiana Tech is next !

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  1. Saying WAC is dead...Hurd saying 2-3 schools in two weeks?