Thursday, July 26, 2012

WAC Media Day: Jeff hurd, WAC Commissioner

Notes from Jeff Hurd:

  • WAC is 50 tomorrow.
  • No formal presentation from the commissioner.
  • Cannot get into detail about several issues as far as membership.
  • Exploring different avenues for WAC future.
  • Has been doing so since early March
  • No scenario that has not been explored.
  • Is it feasible to sustain conference without football, or as FBS member?
  • Gone east coast to west coast looking at options.
  • Football is not there for 2013. Could be back for 2014 or 2015.
  • Looking to buy time and look for options.
  • Focus is really on sustaining the conference as Non-football entity now.
  • Need to act sooner than later, but later has come.
  • Need to be in a decision making mode now.
  • There is not a drop dead date for decisions.
  • Answers will come soon.
  • Need 6 more feasible FBS programs for football, and decision would need to be made before June 1st
  • 13/14 Academic year is not far off for planning standpoint.
  • Scheduling and recruiting go into play, and it's getting late in the game for that.
  • Definately a sense of urgency.
  • Needed to be done by June 30th, and that date has gone. They had no way to make decisions by that time, as info was not nearly available enough about options.
  • Holding off because options that they think are there may not be in position to make a move now.
  • Boise State will be looking for Big West membership for non-football sports, not WAC.
  • Will still seek out Boise State as a member in non-football moving forward, but their intent is Big West.
  • Will not speak about specific schools in any form.
  • No invitations have been issued to any schools at this time.
  • No answer on how long New Mexico State and Idaho could survive as independents.
  • Schools would need to be able to at least schedule 6 home games per year to survive as an independent.
  • WAC and Big Sky have had several conversations about a WAC/Big Sky merger, but it has lost steam in recent weeks.
  • Discussion was not about a merger, but a concept of sharing for auto qualification expansion in NCAA Tournament in basketball.
  • Priotirty is to make it to tomorrow. Football is still a priority, but not realistic in 2013.
  • Priority is now to save the WAC as a non-football entity.
  • FBS, 8 teams is a requirement, but the WAC is in a 2 year waiver period for that rule.
  • 2013 is also a waiver period year.
  • Travel cost is an issue for expansion.
  • Have to sustain yourself as a league before worrying about cost as far as travel expenses involved.
  • Got a call from a commish of another league about taking on an entire conference for football only.
More later on Jeff Hurd, with complete video posted of his presser this evening!


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