Wednesday, July 25, 2012

WAC Media Day 2

We have just returned to the Media Room at the Orleans Hotel and Casino. Here are some highlights of the Hospitality session of WAC Media Day one. Things have certainly taken an upswing in the tempo there are still very few members of the media here, which was all good for us.

I met first with Al Wilson, who works for the Utah State radio team. We discussed the upcoming season for the Aggies, and where the team was headed in his opinion entering the 2012 season. He had some concerns about the QB position and the D line specifically. He was really down about the great loss of talent at RB and on defense specifically, but said that Gary Anderson is working hard on developing more intensity along his defensive front, but losing Bobby Wagner is going to be huge on defense in his opinion.

I then met with Kyle Stephens, SID at UT-San Antonio, which was followed by a quick meet with Larry Coker. We will follow up with Coach Coker tomorrow morning during the Media sessions. I have to say that Coach was great to talk to, and seems like a terrific guy to talk to. We are certainly looking forward to our interview tomorrow.

That was followed by a meeting with WAC Commissioner Jeff Hurd, who probably has one of the most difficult jobs in the FBS ranks this season. He is losing 5 members, leaving just 2, but he was as upbeat as ever heading into the season, and we were able to discover that he will be making an announcement in the next 2 to 3 weeks about possible new members joining the WAC for football. He could not give me any other details, as he is sworn to secrecy and is trying to prevent leaks. The news that there could be some new members on the horizon, and it seems like a lock now, was enough to peak our interest.

I followed that up with a short meeting with Idaho Coach Rob Akey, who is very excited to get his guys into camp next week. Players will be on the field on the 6th of August. I was able to speak shortly with WR Mike Scott, and was able to personally inform him that we had placed him on our All-WAC team for 2012.

That is it for this evening, as we are heading out. It will be an early day tomorrow, as we will be returning to the Orleans at about 7:30 AM PST for the bulk of media day. Look for another video posting on our Youtube channel this evening as we head out. Once again, please follow us on Twitter all day tomorrow, as we will be live updating all day long.


  1. Do you have any speculation as to who might be involved in the expansion? I've heard that Liberty has been in talks and Jax St.

  2. Jacksonville State , Liberty , GA Southern , Appalachian State, James Madison, All would Love to join!!!!!