Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Vanderbilt 2012 Preview

James Franklin has a good hold on how to make the Commodores into a successful SEC program, but how do you measure success at an SEC school that has a long tradition of losing, and of being a doormat in the most powerful conference in college football? Is it winning 6 or 7 games per season and heading to a lower tier bowl, or is there something more? Based on the way Franklin has attacked this job, I see more happening, and Vandy could be on the cusp of a new era of success in the SEC. READ MORE


  1. One piece of the puzzle you didn't catch was that Warren Norman is back! If he can regain his pre-injury form then that makes a killer tandem of Stacey and Norman at RB or at a minimum Norman will be the kickoff return man.

    Looking forward to seeing what James Franklin can do in Year 2. Back to back Bowl games? I think it's a real possibility.

  2. Rids, thanks for pointing that out. I do believe that Vandy has another bowl game in their future in 2012. Think that Franklin is going to do a great job this season. Best of luck to the commodores!